Turkey - 1924 Treaty Of Lausanne Issue

6/03/2012     Turkey

Turkey - 1924 Treaty Of Lausanne Issue
The Treaty of Lausanne was signed in Switzerland on 24th July, 1923. The peace treaty settled the border dispute over parts of the former Ottoman Empire, and thus paved the way for the establishment of the modern Republic of Turkey; an action that was ratified by the governments of Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

On the 1st January, 1924, a set of eight stamps was issued to commemorate the peace treaty. The set features a portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of modern Turkey, and also shows the ancient Sakarya Bridge.

In Byzantine times through to the late Middle Ages, the bridge was an important crossing point on the road from Constantinople towards the East. The bridge remains still exist near the town of Adapazari, some 140 km east of Istanbul.

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