South African Stamps Overprinted For Kenya?

30/08/2012     South Africa

South African Stamps Overprinted For Kenya?
During 1941 & 1942 wartime interruptions to the supply of stamps from London forced the introduction of surcharges inscribed "Kenya Tanganyika Uganda" on the 1d, 3d, 6d and 1s bilingual pictorial issues of South Africa. This overprinting was undertaken by the Government printer in Pretoria.

The surcharge on the 1s brown and chalky blue stamp produced a prominent "Crescent Moon Flaw" in the design on the Afrikaans language stamp; part of a screw head in the surcharging form appears as a distinctive "crescent moon" to the right of the wildebeest's head.

Due to its position (R20/4) at the foot of the sheet this variety is often found with an attached "arrow" sheet margin at the base. Students of South African philately know that these marginal arrows can be used to identify this particular issue, and the arrow tells us that the unoverprinted stamp comes from group II, issue 3.

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