Saar - 1948 Flood Disaster Relief Miniature Sheets

3/05/2012     Saar

During the winter of 1947-48, there was severe flooding in Saar; the then French occupied region of Germany. Large parts of this important industrial area were left completely submerged.

In an effort to raise funds to provide assistance to homes and factories in the deluged areas, a set of stamps was issed with a sur-tax in October of 1948. The set consisted of: four stamps showing various flood scenes; two miniature sheets; an imperforate Postage sheet showing the four designs; plus a perforated Air Post sheet showing an additional design. They were all printed by Hélio Vaugirard in Paris.

Pictured below is the 25fr + 25fr sepia Air miniature sheet showing flooded coal-workings at Endorf, Saarlouis.

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