Romania 1871-72

2/03/2012     Romania

In 1871, a new series of stamps was issued by the Rumanian Post Office. The new design by S. Sander was very similar to the preceding issue, but now showed a Prince Carol I portrait, complete with beard.

The stamps were lithographed by Socec & Co. of Bucharest, and were produced in sheets of 100 stamps. The printing plate was composed of 7 rows of 15, including five blank spaces vertically at the right. It was laid out using vertical transfer blocks of 10 (2 x 5).

The imperforate 5b red, 10b yellow & 25b brown values were issued in January 1871, the 10b blue in December 1871, and the 15b red in January 1872.

The 50b blue & red was issued in August 1872, together with a provisional printing of the 10b blue printed from a new die, with the head further to the right.

In February 1872 the 5b red, 10b blue & 25b brown values were line perforated 12½. These designs were finally replaced in October of the same year. Each position of these issues has a different minor flaw corresponding to its position in the transfer block of 10. These positional characteristics enable specialists to make a reconstruction of the transfer blocks.

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