Philippines 1932 Autographed Air Stamps

1/03/2012     Philippines

Despite two successful trans-Atlantic flights from Germany to North America, the aviator, Wolfgang von Gronau, had failed to raise public interest in a commercial route to the USA. He therefore decided to repeat the journey for a third time, in order to try to raise the profile of the scheme.

In July 1932, flying a Dornier seaplane with three other crewmembers, he set off from Sylt in Germany, having already decided that a complete round the world flight would bring better publicity for his scheme. Flying east to west around the globe, the flight headed across North America and on towards the Far East.

The authorities in Manila issued an overprinted set of stamps to commemorate their arrival in the Philippines, and on 29th September the flight duly arrived.

As part of his publicity campaign throughout the tour, von Gronau signed a variety of items, mainly covers and cards, but unusually he also autographed a number of the Philippine stamp sets.

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