Nova Scotia

23/01/2015     Nova Scotia

The stamps from Canada’s second- smallest province take up a mere third of just one page in the SG Part One catalogue yet have provided generations of collectors with great riches in terms of unique designs, rarities and enchanting postal history. Many of the most famous collectors built important holdings from this wind-swept Maritime Province, with the most important stamp being a mint example of the 1851 1s cold violet (SG 7), an example of which we have in our current sale.

The first stamps were issued on 1st September 1851, five different values were printed by Perkins Bacon and are very similar in design to those issued for New Brunswick just a few days later, although they include the Mayflower of Nova Scotia.

Perkins Bacon & Co utilised blued paper, which coincides with stamp papers in use for Great Britain’s stamps and other colonies such as Barbados, although the later printings in 1857 tend to have much less bluing or even white paper as that year a new technique for producing paper coloured without the use of prussiate of potash was introduced.

The gum on these issues, should an unusued stamp still carry some, was often dark and thick but as many experiments with gum were made during this period it is difficult to tell if the gum of any individual stamp is contemporary.

This issue, as well as the following “Young Victoria” issue of 1860 gives the collector the chance to find many interesting items such as imperforate plate & die proofs, colour trials, bisects, cancellations plus so much else including many genuine examples at a reasonable price. Many items are beautiful yet will not ‘break the bank’ but certainly any serious collection of this area will be greatly enhanced by the addition of a 1s cold violet in genuine unused condition.


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