Mauritius - The Newly Discovered 1835 "Post Office" Postmark

1/03/2012     Mauritius

The celebrated 19th century philately of Mauritius has always been at the forefront of international collecting. Over the years, many books and articles of the known information on the stamps and postal history have been published, and some sensational collections of the adhesives have been formed by the elite of the stamp world, including Kings and millionaires.

But one area often neglected by these collectors has been the pre-stamp period before 1847. The Port Louis Post Office, then situated in a small office on the Quay, has in the exhaustive book by Proud, just five different cancellations recorded - inscribed 'Mauritius Post Office' or 'Post Office Mauritius', spanning the 1826-50 period, all of which are scarce to rare.

This recently discovered 1835 (June 10th) entire letter from Port Louis to Bordeaux, endorsed 'pr Nouvelle Louise', and showing a good clear centrally placed upright strike of the previously unrecorded large circular 'POST OFFICE/JUIN 10 1835/ MAURITIUS' (approx 37mm) in black, and alongside boxed 'PAYS D'OUTREMER', Bordeaux arrival mark on reverse after its three months journey.

We await further research to unviel the history of this unique postal marking.

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