Madagascar British Consular Mail

1/03/2012     Madagascar

The large and fragile issues of 1884-86 have always remained scarce and highly prized by collectors. They are usually to be found with small faults due to being gummed at just the top corners so the stamps could be removed for overseas mail, and replaced in transit by Mauritius or Reunion stamps, and the same practice for local stamps being marked Paid when the stamp had been removed, it is a wonder that any have survived!

From 1883, the mail from the British community at Antananarivo (the capital) was sent by runner to the British Consulate at Tamatave, where it was forwarded through the French Post Office. The stamps were issued the following year by the British Vice-Consul Mr W.C. Pickersgill, who reorganised the Postal arrangements and issued the stamps for local and overseas mail.

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