Lithuanian Charity Overprints

2/05/2012     Lithuania

Following WWI, Lithuania became embroiled in territorial conflicts with both the Soviet Union and Poland, thus creating further problems for an already over-stretched and severely underfunded economy.

In order to provide a level of help for the main victims of a decade's fighting, the definitive issues of 1923-24 were initially overprinted and surcharged to raise funds for the relief effort. In 1926 however, further surcharges were overprinted in metallic inks, creating double surcharges specifically to support War Invalids, using a simple one-line overprint. For War Orphans a larger design was applied, incorporating the initials 'VP' (Vaiku prieglaudai) - this being the Lithuanian for 'orphanages'.

50,000 sets of each of these overprints were issued and sold, and became popular additions to Lithuania's postage stamp history.

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