Indian Postal Service, Postal Note & Local Overprints

2/05/2012     India

Collectors of unusual Indian stamps will occasionally come across Victorian issues with apparently uncatalogued overprints, all these stamps are scarce & many are rare. They include the "Postal Service" overprint, issued in 1895 to indicate the duty to be raised on foreign inward parcels arriving by mail steamers. "I. P. N." overprints were for use on Indian Postal Notes (hence I. P. N.), which, similar to British Postal Orders, were used as a safe method of transferring monies through the post, the service was withdrawn in 1885. Local security overprints were permitted to be printed & used by local officials by the Government of India, for preventing thefts of stamps from local government offices. A wide range exists including "M" (for Municipal) "C.W" (Court of Wards), "L.F.S." (Local Fund Service), "L" (Local), "High Court" plus many others, including semi- official (at best!) overprints produced by private businesses to protect their stamp stocks!

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