Germany 1937 Private Overprints

17/05/2012     Germany, Colonies, States & Areas

The KABE company, one of the oldest manufacturers of stamp albums in the world, produced private overprints to commemorate Stamp Day in 1937.

The basic stamp was 1933-36 3pf yellow-brown Hindenburg issue (Michel 513), every second stamp in the sheet of 100 was overprinted by one of the two alternating designs – “Tag der Briefmarke 10.1. 1937” (Stamp Day 10.1. 1937) and “KA-BE Briefmarken Alben allen voran” (KA-BE the premier stamp album).

There exists twenty different combinations of the stamp and the two different overprints in se-tenant vertical or horizontal pairs or strips of 3 and eight different combinations in se-tenant blocks of 4. The unoverprinted stamps were accepted by the Reichspost (nonetheless used examples and covers are scarce) but the overprinted stamps were not considered valid postage.

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