Eritrea 1934 Rome - Mogadishu Flight Stamps

1/05/2012     Eritrea

On 5th November 1934, Italy issued a set of Air stamps to commemorate the first non-stop flight from Rome to Mogadishu, as well as the visit of the King of Italy to Italian Somaliland.

Issued at the same time, were also similar sets for several of the Italian Colonies in Africa; with an attractive series of different designs, the issues for Eritrea show King Victor Emmanuel III against a backdrop of mountains, with a Caproni Ca 101 aircraft above.

In 1890 Eritrea became the first of several Italian Colonies in Africa, before becoming part of Italian East Africa in 1936. From 1941 to 1951, Eritrea was under British Administration, before in turn being federated with Ethiopia. Following a 30 year civil war with Ethiopia, Eritrea has now been an independent country since 1993; its capital city is at Asmara.

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