Bermuda Wartime Provisional Line-Perforations

3/05/2012     Bermuda

One of the most popular and well- researched areas of Commonwealth philately has to be the Large Key Type high values utilised for, amongst others, Bermuda, Leeward Islands and the Nyasaland Protectorate. Certainly the largest area with the greatest body of excellent information, are the beautiful issues of Bermuda.

The Bermudan KGVI printings include particularly sought-after, unusually line-perforated stamps. Issued on the Island during 1942, these 2s, 2s6d, 5s & 10s values had their initial printing disrupted by the bombing of De La Rues' print works on 29 December 1940. The printing was moved to Williams Lea and Company under the supervision of DLR, and an obsolete line-perforating machine was used. Consisting of one long line of pins, each row was then perforated, the sheet was rotated and the process repeated; these stamps gauging 14.15 instead of the regular 13.9. This labour intensive process resulted in a small print run: only 250 sheets of the 2s value, 200 sheets each of the 2s6d & 5s values and only 190 sheets of the 10s were produced in this manner.

We would like to recommend the beautiful, excellent work on this subject 'The King George VI Large Key Type Revenue and Postage High Values 1937 – 1953' by Eric Yendall, ISBN 978-0-900631-54-2

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