Beautiful Commonwealth Stamps from the 1950s

3/05/2012     British Commonwealth

It may be time to consider a fresh collecting area. When young Princess Elizabeth climbed into a tree during her royal trip to Kenya, little did she realise that when she climbed down the following day, she would be a queen.

King George VI's death, just 7 short years after WWII, ushered in a dramatic new period for the British Empire. Stamp designs however, developed more gently with the wonderfully engraved and often bi-coloured pictorial issues from the late King's reign, strongly influencing the early Elizabethan sets.

From the dusty images of Aden's Camel trains, tribesmen and Dhows, to Zanzibar's new schools, Mosques and Palaces, these wonderful stamps continued to introduce generations to the variety of peoples and places, scattered throughout the world's most far- flung empire.

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