Austria 1931 Writers Issue

1/06/2012     Austria

During the 1930's Austria produced a series of attractive charity sets featuring portraits of well known Austrian personalities, including Architects, Inventors, and Painters, among others.

The Writers set was issued in September 1931 with a premium from each value to go to a Youth Employment Fund, and consisted of six different values showing the portraits of Ferdinand Raimund, Franz Grillparzer, Johann Nestroy, Adalbert Stifter, Ludwig Anzengruber, and Peter Rosegger, these all being active as writers, playwrights, or poets in the 19th or early 20th century.

While most of the works of these writers remain virtually unknown to the English speaking world, Peter Rosegger (1843-1918) featured on the 1s(+1s) stamp, is considered to be a national hero in his home province of Styria, and Johann Nestroy (1801-1862), featured on the 30g(+30g) stamp, significantly had one of his plays translated and adapted in the 1930's as "The Matchmaker", which in turn became the main theme for the well known Broadway musical "Hello Dolly", first performed in in 1964.

Another lasting legacy of Nestroy is his statue in central Vienna, in the square named "Nestroyplatz" after him, with this also further commemorated with a station of the same name nearby on the Vienna underground network. So next time you are in Vienna, maybe go and look him up!

Even if some of their works are not very well known, all of these writers are now forever immortalized in these beautiful stamps.

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