Antigua First Issues

1/05/2012     Antigua & Barbuda

The classic Colonial printings by Perkins Bacon have been highly sort after by philatelists since Victorian times, the beautiful engraved designs being works of art in themselves. The first stamps from the Caribbean island of Antigua are no exception, and the first Queen Victoria head design was originally drawn by Edward Henry Corbould, and was issued in 1862 and continued through to 1884, comprising just two values 1d in red and 6d in green each printed in sheets of 120 stamps. The original printing plates are in the Dublin museum after being defaced.

These issues provide much of interest for the serious collector, proofs were produced and can be found in black and in green, and later pulls were taken after the plate was defaced, also trial perforations to the first no watermark 6d are known, then the Star watermark issue have shade and watermark varieties, followed by the De la Rue printings from the Perkins Bacon plates after they lost the printing contract, these have watermark Crown CC and later Crown CA, and varieties including reversed, inverted and inverted and reversed watermarks can be found.

Re-entries occur on both values, and are named after the collectors who discovered them Morton-Evans, Sefi and Iremonger, ranging from minor to major varieties. Both values were also overprinted for use in the neighbouring island of Montserrat.

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