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FIRST STAMPS ISSUED 24 October 1964.


Until 1968, British. From 16 January 1968, 100 ngwee = 1 kwathia.

Name assumed by Northern Rhodesia on independence 24 October 1964.

Northern Rhodesia



1925, sterling.

Livingstone crossed the region from west to east on his trans-Africa journey of 1853-6. In 1890-5 the whole area was, in theory, administered by British Central Africa, but in 1895-1900 North East Rhodesia was separately administered. In 1895 North West Rhodesia (Barotseland) was placed under the control of the British South Africa Company; North East Rhodesia followed suit in 1900. Combined as Northern Rhodesia in 1911, they passed to the British Crown in 1923. Northern Rhodesia achieved independence within the Commonwealth as Zambia (see below) on 24 October 1964.

The very little mail from North West Rhodesia in the 1890s came down by runner to Bulawayo. Mail from North East Rhodesia was routed via British Central Africa until 1895, and stamps overprinted B.C.A. were use at North East Rhodesian POs.

Used stamps of the Federation (see Rhodesia and Nyasaland) in 1954-63. Separate issues resumed 10 December1963. Withdrawn 23 October 1964.

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