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FIRST STAMPS France from 1862.



1888 - October 1958, French.
After 1 November 1958, 1000 milliemes = 1 dinar.

Ruled by a hereditary dynasty of Turkish beys, the country was a centre of Mediterranean piracy. French interest was recognized by the Congress of Berlin (1878). After a short campaign a protectorate was established in May 1881. Tunisia was administered from Vichy from July 1940 to May 1943 when it was overrun by the Allies. After a period of self- government from 1 September 1955, Tunisia became an independent monarchy on 20 March 1956, and a republic on 25 July 1957.

Foreign POs were established in the 19th century.

A French agency in Tunis passed mail by sea via Bone from 1848 and had a datestamp from 1852.

Stamps of France used at Tunis from 1862 (oblit. 5107); at La Goulette from 1867 (oblit. 5121); also at Sousse (5259), Sfax (5262), Le Bardo (53083, Mahdia (5261), Gabès (5307), Djerba (5263) and Monastir (5260) from 1882. By 1888 there were c.42 POs.

Stamps of Italy (general issues for use abroad) are also known to have been used at Tunis (oblit. 235), La Goulette (3336) and Sousse (3364).

Inscription changed from TUNISIE to REPUBLIQUE TUNISIENNE from 8 August 1957.

In 1966 there were 381 POs.

Tunisia pre 1900
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