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The Gambia



Until 1971, British.
From 1971, 100 bututs = 1 dalasy.

This early English settlement had a chequered existence and after the dissolution of the Africa Company was placed under Sierra Leone in 1821. In 1843 became a separate colony (though with a period of administration from Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 1866-88). British Crown Colony from 1888, it became self-governing in 1963 and independent within the Commonwealth on 18 February 1965. By referendum it became a republic within the Commonwealth on 24 April 1970. In 1981 there was a rising against the Government which was suppressed with the help of Senegalese troops. A federation of the two governments as Senegambia was proposed in 1982 but this has not been implemented and both countries continue to issue their own stamps. This federation was dissolved in 1948.

In July 1994, army officers made a military coup which ousted the President and the Government and a military council was formed. The leader of these officers, Lieutenant (later Captain) Jammen assumed the Presidency and suspended the Constitution was agreed by referendum in August 1996, Jammeh was elected President and the Milyart Council was dissolved.

Postal History
'Ship letters' are known from 1836. Mail was sent via Sierra Leone in 1853. 'Paid' handstamps exist from 1861. There have been TPOs on government river steamers since 1922.

British West Africa 1914 (Incl. Liberia & Port. Guinea)
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