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FIRST STAMPS India to 1947.



1947, as India.
1961, 100 paisa = 1 rupee.

Until partition in 1947 all British India shared the same fortunes (see India). As established as a British dominion on 14 August 1947, Pakistan consisted of two geographically separate parts: Western, comprising Baluchistan, the Western Punjab and Sind, and the North West Frontier Provinces; comprising Assam and North and East Bengal. The former stamp issuing states of Las Bela and Soruth came within its borders. On 29 February 1956 an Islamic republic was declared within the British Commonealth. Military dictatorships and new constitutions have alternated ever since. In 1959 the capital was moved from Karachi to Islamabad (near Rawalpindi). Following a civil war between East and West Pakistan, the Eastern province declared itself independent as Bangladesh. On 30 January 1972 Pakistan withdrew from the Commonwealth, but rejoined in 1989.


FIRST STAMPS ISSUED 1 January 1945 (official only).


1945, as India.

A native state of Pakistan. Separate stamps, which were valid only locally within the state, were discontinued at the end of 1949.

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