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1847, 100 novic = 1 florin.
1902, 100 heller = 1 krone.
1910, 100 para = 1 perper

Independent principality in European Turkey. Conquered by the Turks in 1526, but established as an hereditary government in 1696. Declared independent of Turkey by the Treaty of San Stefano on 3 March 1878 at the end of the Russo-Turkish War.

Montenegro had had a limited postal service under Turkish suzerainty, and POs were open in the major towns of Cetina and Pet. Joined the UPU in 1874 but not a founder member, as it was not represented at the Berne Congress.

Fought with Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria against Turkey in the first Balkan War, and with Serbia and Greece against Bulgaria in the second. In 1913 Montenegro invaded the new state of Albania and besieged Scutari. Montenegrin stamps were used in northern Albania and are found postmarked SCUTARI SKADOR.


Montenegro declared war on Austria-Hungary in support of Serbia. After the defeat of its ally in 1915, Montenegro was occupied by Austrian troops in January 1916. Overprinted stamps of Bosnia were issued by the Austrian military post, and the Montenegro government in exile at Bordeaux issued stamps in 1916, and, on 1 March 1917, four stamps were issued especially overprinted for Montenegro.

On 26 November 1918 the king was deposed because of his support of the Austrians, and the country was declared to be united with Serbia. No further stamps of Montenegro were issued and those of Serbia issued for the kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes were used. The union with Serbia was recognized on 13 July 1922 and Montenegro became part of Yugoslavia.



Although part of Yugoslavia, overprinted stamps were issued during the Italian occupation of the former territory of Montenegro.

On 22 November 1943, after the surrender of Italy, further stamps were overprinted for the subsequent German occupation. These issues continued until the area was liberated by the Russians and they were replaced by Yugoslav issues.

Balkans 1800-1913
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