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Until 1971, British. From 1 January 1971, 100 tambala = 1 kwacha.

Name assumed by Nyasaland on independence 6 July 1964. Became republic (within the Commonwealth) 6 July 1966.

(British Central Africa Protectorate)

CURRENCY 1891, British.

FIRST STAMPS British South Africa Company (overprinted B.C.A.) 1891 (These were also used in North East Rhodesia, see Northern Rhodesia).

FIRST STAMPS inscribed NYASALAND 22 July 1908.

The Shire River and Lake Nyasa were explored with the Zambezi by Livingston and Kirk in 1858-63. The Livingstonia mission was founded in 1874. Farther north the African Lakes Company operated between Lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika in 1880-5. A British Protectorate over Nyasaland was proclaimed in December 1889 to forestall the Portuguese in the Shire Highlands. In 1890-5, as British Central Africa Protectorate, it included North West and North East Rhodesia. Again in 1900-10 it administered North East Rhodesia. Name was changed back to Nyasaland on 6 July 1907. Became part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1954-63. A separate colony again in 1963, became independent within the Commonwealth on 6 July 1964 under name of Malawi (see below).

Postal History
Letters are known from Livingstone and others from the Shire Highlands and from officials of the African Lakes Company. The mail went by runner to Lake Nyasa, across it by steam launch, by runner again to the Shire River, then by boat to Quelimane or Chinde on the Indian Ocean. The first POs were opened at Chiromo and Port Herald in 1891. A British clearing office was opened in 1891 at Chinde (in Portuguese territory) which passed mail in sealed bags between Nyasaland and British or German mail steamers. Used stamps of Federation (see Rhodesia and Nyasaland) in 1954-63.

Separate issues (Nyasaland) resumed 1 November 1963 (withdrawn 5 July 1964).

British Central Africa & Nyasaland 1908
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