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1852, 124 centimes = 1 silver groschen.
100 centimes = 1 franc.

1940, 100 pfennig = 1 reichesmark.

1944, 100 centimes = 1 franc (Belgian).

Before 1815

Strategically-sited territory bordered by Belgium, France and West Germany. At various times it has been controlled by Germany, France, Austria, Spain and Holland. In the Middle Ages the Counts of Luxembourg were elected rulers of many European states, including Germany, Poland, Bohemia and Hungary.

In 1795 Luxembourg was occupied by French forces and became an occupied d4artement until 1815. It was integrated into the French postal service, having earlier been served by the Counts of Thurn and Taxis, as Luxembourg was on the route down the Moselle into France.


After 1815 Luxembourg, by then a grand duchy, was awarded to the King of Holland along with Belgium. Dutch types of postal markings were allocated during this period.

In 1830, following the revolt of the Belgians against Dutch control, Luxembourg joined the German Confederation and was garrisoned by Prussian troops, who brought their own 'Feldpost' with them. Pre-adhesive markings distinctive to Luxembourg were used until stamps were issued in 1852. The King of the Netherlands remained the titular head until 1890.


FIRST STAMPS ISSUED 15 September 1852.

First two stamps issued were in different currencies: 10 centimes in Belgian currency and 1 silver groschen in Prussian currency. However, Prussian influence waned and later issues were only in Belgian currency. In 1867, by the Treaty of London following the war between Prussia and Austria, Luxembourg became an independent grand duchy. Luxembourg remained neutral during the Franco-Prussian War, though much of the fighting took place close to its southern border.


Last links with Holland were severed on 23 November 1890 when William III, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, died. The duchy passed to the Dukes of Nassau and has been ruled by them ever since.


Luxembourg was overrun by the Germans and occupied throughout World War I. Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide remained in the duchy throughout the war.

Stamps of Luxembourg unoverprinted were used throughout this period, though German troops garrisoned there used their own Field POs.


When World War I ended in November 1918 Luxembourg was freed and again became an independent grand duchy. In 1922 Luxembourg formed an economic union with Belgium and the currencies have been held at par except during World War II.

Luxembourg was the site of the eleventh Congress of the Federation International de Philatelie (FIP) in 1936 and issued a set of stamps for the occasion. This was the first such set issued for the body which has subsequently become the controlling authority for international philately.


Remained neutral until invaded by Germany in May 1940. German stamps were issued, overprinted for use in Luxembourg, on 1 October 1940 and stamps of Luxembourg were overprinted in German currency in December 1940. Luxembourg was incorported into the German province of Moselleland in May 1941 and used German stamps from January 1942 until liberation in 1944. Stamps of Luxembourg were re-issued in Belgian currency on 6 November 1944. At the same time a customs union of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux) was created.

1945 to date

Regained full independence after World War II but once Allied forces were withdrawn declared its neutrality and did not join the NATO. However, this decision was revoked in the 1960s and Luxembourg has been a member ever since. It joined the EEC when it was formed in 1958.

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