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1948, 1000 prutot = 1 Israeli pound.
1960, 100 agorot = 1 Israeli pound.
1980, 1 sheqel (=10 pounds) = 100 agorot.
1986, 1 new sheqel (=1000 sheqel) = 100 new agorot.

Independent republic was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 and invaded the following day by combined forces of Iraq, Transjordan, Lebanon and Syria. These were driven back and an armistice agreed in 1949. Israel supported Anglo-French action at Suez in 1956 by invading the Sinai penisula but was forced by diplomatic pressure to reliquish its gains. By the 'Six-day War' (6-11 June 1967) the Israelis forestalled Arab action by taking the initiative against Egypt, Jordan and Syria simultaneously, occupying the Gaza strip and Sinai, part of Jordan, and the Golan Heights. The 'Yom Kippur' war in October 1973 was halted by UN intervention. A separate peace was signed with Egypt.

British postal services in Palestine were suspended by decree of 13 April 1948 and most POs were closed 15 April - 5 May. Local personnel were instructed by the Jewish National Council to maintain services where possible until full Israeli services started. Some unofficial provisional stamps were produced. Post buses are a feature of modern postal transport.

Gaza Strip

On 15 May 1948 at the close of the British mandate over Palestine, Egyptian troops seized Gaza; by the armistice terms of 24 February 1949 a smaller area remained under Egypt. The area was occupied by Israeli troops from 29 October 1956 to 7 March 1957 and again from June 1967 to January 1980.

Used stamps of Egypt overprinted PALESTINE 1 June 1948 - June 1967.

During Israeli occupation used stamps of Israel.

In 1965 a special stamp (issued 15 January) was used by the Indian contingent of the UN forces in Gaza.

Israel 1948-50
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