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Hong Kong

FIRST STAMPS ISSUED 8 December 1862 (their use was not compulsory until 15 October 1864). Oblit. B 62.


1862, 96 cents = 1 dollar (Mexican).
1880, 100 cents = 1 Hong Kong dollar.

Taken by an East India Company naval force on 26 January 1841 to provide a base for 2000 British subjects expelled from Canton, Hong Kong has been a British colony ever since. Extended in 1861 by the acquisition of Kowloon on the mainland opposite and in 1898 by the lease of the New Territories for 99 years. Occupied by the Japanese 25 December 1941 - 14 August 1945. The leasehold on the New Territories expired in 1997 and it was agreed to hand back the whole of the Colony and the New Territories at that time. At the same time China that Hong Kong could retain a limited self-determination and stamps under the new regime continued to be issued.

Postal History
PO was opened at Victoria before the end of 1841 using locally-made hand-stamps. Crowned circle marks followed. The service was under the London GPO until 1 May 1860, when it passed to the colony. Prepayment of mail to Britain became compulsory on 1 May 1858. Other POs were opened after 1898. Owing to its deep harbour Hong Kong became a transfer point for European mailboat services.

Stamps of Hong Kong are found used in Bangkok (1885), Labuan (1864), Macao (1865-84), Manila (1865-77), Anping (Formosa) in 1889-92, Chinese treaty ports (1862-1917), see British POs in China, Japan (see Japan).

Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong



1942, as Japan.

After the attack of 6 December 1941, little if any mail seems to have left the island; the PO was re-opened by the Japanese on 22 January 1942.

Used stamps of Japan 22 January 1942 - April 1945.

The Japanese POs remained open until 28 August; British POs were re- opened on 5 September and used POSTAGE PAID handstamps until supplies of stamps became available on 28 September 1945.

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