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FIRST STAMPS ISSUED Spanish Philippines until 1899. US stamps overprinted 7 July 1899.


Up to 1899, Spanish (peseta). 1899 to date, American (dollar).

Most southerly and largest of the Mariana or Ladrone Islands (q.v.). It was the administrative centre of the group when under Spanish control. In 1899 ceded to USA under the Treaty of Paris, at the end of the Spanish-American War.

Remained under USA control until occupied by the Japanese in 1941. Regained by the USA in 1945, and remains a US dependency.

Postal History
Until 1899 stamps of Spanish Philippines were used and a rare postmark MARIANAS was used on outgoing mail. After USA takeover in 1899, USA stamps overprinted GUAM were used for almost two years while the island was still under control of the Navy Department. Thereafter USA stamps have been used, except during period of Japanese Occupation (1941-4). Local post was set up in 1930 to carry letters between some of the small towns on the island. Contemporary 2 cent and 4 cent stamps of the Philippine Islands were overprinted GUAM GUARD MAIL. This local post was discontinued in 1931 after a year.

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