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1853, 100 centavos = 1 peso.
1960, 1000 milesimos = 100 centesimos = 1 escudo.
1975, 100 centavos = 1 peso.

Between 1535 and 1541 the Spanish gained a foothold in northern Chile and founded Santiago. Opposition from southern tribes continued for another century. A first attempt at independence in 1810 was frustrated soon after by the intervention of Royalist forces of the Spanish viceroy of Peru. Independence was formally gained in 1818 with the help of San Martin, the liberator of Argentina, who joined forces with the Chilean patriot Bernard O'Higgins and led an army over the Andes to defeat the Spaniards at the battle of Maipu.

Postal History
Posts first achieved a measure of efficiency when a regular monthly service between Buenos Aires and Santiago (which took 15 days) started in 1748. This became an extension of the royal packet from Spain after 1772. MS markings are known from 1762 and handstamps from 1770. Inland services began in 1762, Santiago being linked with Concepci6n and Valparalso.

First regular coastal mail services were started in 1840 by the Pacific Steam Navigation Co., and a contract to carry mail from Valparaiso to Panama via intermediate ports was signed with the British government in 1845. Such mail was conveyed over the isthmus to Chagres to be transferred to ships of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. for Britain and Europe.

Chile was briefly served in 1872-4 by French packets of Ligne F, by which Valparaiso, Coquimbo, Huasco and Caldera were linked with ports northward to Panama. There were 138 P05 in 1861 and 1486 in 1975.

First issue was printed by Perkins, Bacon & Co. of London by the same process and in the same colours as their current stamps for Britain (ld red and 2d blue); also in inappropriate sheets of 240 (Chile having a decimal currency).

Stamps of Britain were used in 1865-81 at Valparaiso (oblit. C30), Caldera (oblit. C37) and Coquimbo (oblit. C40).

During the War of the Pacific, revenue stamps were authorized for postal use:

5 centavos 3 July 1880 - 15 January 1881
1 centavo and 2 centavo 27 November 1880 - 8 August 1881.

During the revolution of 1891, when northern POs were cut off from Santiago, revenue and telegraph stamps were used for postage from 21 April 1891 until exhausted; thereafter (10 July-S September 1891) internal mail was allowed to go free.

Revenue stamps are known used postally during further shortages in 1900, 1901 and 1913.

Chile in Peru 1879-83
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Argentina, Bolivia, Chile & Peru pre 1900
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