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8 reales = 1 peso (= 5 centavos Federation).

Discovered in 1515, the lands of the River Plate (Rio de la Plata) were annexed by Spain in 1534. Buenos Aires was founded in 1536. The Viceroy of La Plata, who ruled Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, was deposed by a junta on 25 May 1810. Paraguay had already broken away (1811) when the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata declared themselves independent on 9 July 1816. Bolivia broke away in 1825 and Uruguay in 1828. The early history of independent Argentina concerns the struggle between the centralists and federalists. The Confederation of General Rosas expended its energies in trying to reincorporate Uruguay. In 1854 Buenos Aires drew up its own constitution and in 1859 briefly waged war with the provinces of the federation. The Republic was formed under General Mitre, who led the Buenos Aires army to victory at the battle of Pravon in September 1861. The terms of reunion were not finally settled until 1862.

Postal History
Even after Charles III's reforms in 1767, Argentina seems to have had only a quarterly extension from Havana (via Montevideo) of the royal packet service from Corunna. Some postal connections between the Viceroyalty of La Plata and that of Peru seem to have begun earlier in the 18th century, but the earliest known postal markings appear in Buenos Aires c.1771. First independent posts were set up by decree in 1814, but under the dictatorship of General Rosas (1829-52) posts were all but suppressed. In 1853 rural mails in the province of Buenos Aires were made up only once a month.

To serve the newly appointed British consuls to the independent South American republics, a monthly packet was started from Falmouth to Buenos Aires in 1824. This became a branch of the Rio packet (see Brazil) in 1832. After 1869 the service was combined, the Rio packet continuing to Buenos Aires. In 1860 a French packet was started from Bordeaux to Brazil with an extension to Buenos Aires. The extension became Ligne K in 1866-9, while from 1869 Ligne I took over the through service. In various guises the service continued till superseded by airmails.

From 1867 another service was based on Marseille.

Stamps of Britain were used in 1860-73 at Buenos Aires (oblit. B32) on mail sent by British packet.

Stamps of France were used at Buenos Aires 1860-78.

Buenos Aires


1858, 8 reales = 1 peso.

Province seceded from Confederation; independent 1852-62.


FIRST STAMPS: 21 August 1856.
Stamps suppressed 11 September 1880.


1856, 1 real moneda corriente = 12½ centimos moneda corriente.
1860, 500 centimos = 100 centavos fuerte = 1 peso fuerte.

A remote state that went its own way for many years.



100 centavos = 1 peso fuerte.

FIRST STAMPS 28 October 1858.

Argentine Confederation


FIRST STAMPS 28 October 1858.

Argentine Republic


1858, 100 centavos = 1 peso.

1970, 100 old peso = 1 new peso.

1985, (devaluation) 1000 pesos = 1 austral.

FIRST STAMPS ISSUED of Argentine Republic 11 January 1858.

In 1913-38 as a security measure stamps used by government departments were overprinted with the intitials of the ministry concerned.

After World War II Argentina suffered a series of repressive military governments following the defeat of the Peronists. Problems of internal inflation and general unrest led the military junta to attack the Falkland Islands and South Georgia in April 1982. After issuing stamps for use in the Falklands (Malvinas), the Argentinians were defeated by the British Task force. The junta collapsed and a civil government took over.

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile & Peru pre 1900
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