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FIRST STAMPS France from 1849.



1924-64, French. After 1964, 100 centimes = 1 dinar (parity with the franc).

French punitive expedition against Algiers pirates in 1830 led, after some indecision, to a war of conquest in 1840-8. A period of pacification followed until 1871 and then a period of peace in 1872-90 before the conquest of the Saharan oases. The early history and hence also postal history is military: civil administration did not begin until 1848, was not widespread until 1871, and only reached the desert provinces in 1902. Rivalry between military and civil authority extended to postal matters. The European population, c.600 in 1830, exceeded 10,000 in 1835 and 100,000 soon after 1845. Before 1881 there were more than 320,000 Europeans, and provision of state primary schools for the native population had begun. A declaration that Algeria was to become an integral province of France led to open war on 1 November 1954 between Algerians and French troops backed by settlers, which lasted until a cease-fire on 18 March 1962. By referendum Algeria became independent on 3 July 1962.

Postal History
Letters from Europeans in Algiers are known at least from 1690, and a postal mark was used in Spanish-occupied Oran from 1749. But no regular service existed until 1830, when the military postal organization (Tresor et Postes) was introduced in Algiers. It was opened to civilians in 1835. Gradually the posts were separated from the paymaster branch and in 1860 they became autonomous. From 18 POs in 1845, the service grew to 97 offices in 1860 and 295 in 1880.

Postal services were initially by courier and by coastal steamboat service operated by the French navy. The coastal service passed to Messageries Maritimes in 1866, and from 1862 railways slowly pushed forward (Algiers-Oran opened 1871; Constantine-Philippeville 1870).

Military handstamps were used in 1830-9; datestamps bearing town names and dates were issued to POs after 1839.

Used stamps of France from 1 January 1849.

Oblit. 16 January 1849 - 31 December 1851 by dumb grille: stamps are identifiably from Algeria only on cover. After 1852 cancellation was by lozenge of dots with small figures (3710 - 4448) and after 1863 by similar lozenge with large figures (5000 - 5171). N.B. Most of these numbers, but not all, were issued to Algeria. Datestamps were used to cancel stamps from April 1876.

Used stamps of France 22 July 1958 - 27 June 1962.

Used locally overprinted stamps c. 4 July 1962 - 31 October 1962 until independence stamps were available.

There were 862 POs in 1969.

Algeria 1930
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North West Africa 1919
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