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Rare United States Stamps

Below are some rare United States stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare United States stamps ever sold!

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1869 30c inverted flags.1867 90c blue 'F' grill.1851 10c green type I.
1902 $2 Madison. 1869 15c.1893 $5 Columbian.
1901 4c inverted centre.1918 24c inverted Jenny.1893 $5 Columbian plate block of six.
1901 2c Pan American inverted centre.1869 90c.15c inverted centre.
1930 Zeppelin Set in plate blocks of 6.1918 24c carmine, rose & blue VAR 'INVERTED CENTRE'.1869 90c re-issue proofs 'CENTRE INVERTED'.
1851 10c green type II. 1875 pictorial re-issue set.1873 $20 Dept of State.
1851 5c red brown.1847 5c brown.1847 10c black.
1917 1c green vert pair 'imperf between'. 1857 90c deep blue block of 9.1915 2c red type I coil pair showing joint line.
1851 12c black. 1918 24c Flying Jenny VAR 'CENTRE INVERTED'. 1902 $5 Marshall.
1847 5c dark brown pair. 1847 5c red brown block of 4.1847 10c block.
1851 3c orange brown. 1856 5c red brown. 1855 10c green type 1.
1855 10c green type II strip.1855 10c green type III.1857 1c blue, type I.
1857 1c blue, type 1A.1857 1c blue, type III.1857 1c blue, type IV.
1857 1c blue, type V. 1857 1c blue, type Va. 1857 5c brick red.
1857 5c red brown. 1857 5c brown, type I. 1857 5c orange brown.
1857 5c brown, type II block of 4. 1857 10c green type III. 1857 10c green, type IV.
1857 12c black block of 4. 1857 12c black plate III. 1860 24c grey lilac.
1860 30c orange block of 4. 1860 90c blue block of 4. 1861 10c green, type I, block of 4.
1861 12c black, block of 4. 1861 24c red lilac. 1861 24c steel blue.
1861 30c orange, block of 4. 1861 90c blue, block of 4. 1862 5c red brown.
1866 15c black. 1863 24c greyish lilac, block of 4. 1869 2c brown.
1869 6c ultramarine. 1869 10c yellow. 1869 12c green.
1869 15c brown & blue, type 1. 1869 15c brown & blue, type II.1869 24c green & violet.
1869 30c blue & carmine. 1869 90c carmine & black. 1869 15c brown & blue, type II, centre inverted.
1869 24c green & violet, centre inverted. 1869 30c blue & carmine, flags inverted. 1851 10c green type III.
1898 $2 orange brown. 1893 $4 analyne rose. 1893 $5 black.
1867 3c rose 'D' grill. 1867 10c green 'E' grill. 1875 3c brown red 're-issue'.
1875 30c brownish orange 're-issue'. 1893 $5 Columbian. 1894 6c dull brown vert pair 'imperf between'.
1894 $5 dark green. 1894 $1 black type II.1893 $5 Columbian.
1893 Columbian 4c error of colour.1898 $1Trans-Mississippi.1898 $2 Trans-Mississippi.
1908 4c brown imperf with schermack perfs.1908 5c blue on bluish paper.1908 8c olive green on bluish paper.
1918 24c carmine and blue 'Inverted Jenny'.1846 Providence R.I. 5c & 10c black se-tenant pair.1857 90c blue Washington.
1875 90c blue 're-issue'.1869 30c blue & carmine variety 'Inverted flags'.1875 30c yellow orange reprint of 1851 issue.
1861 30c red orange 'First colour'.1861 90c blue.1875 15c brown and blue 're-issue'.
1875 30c blue & carmine 're-issue'. 1875 90c carmine & black 're-issue'.1875 1c blue 're-issue'.
1875 5c brown 're-issue'.1875 24c deep violet 're-issue'.1875 90c blue 're-issue'.
1875 12c dark violet 'Special printing'.1875 2c carmine vermilion 'Special printing'.1880/3 7c scarlet vermilion 'Special printing'.
1880/3 24c dark violet 'Special printing'.1880/3 2c scarlet vermilion 'Special printing'.1871 Revenues $200 'Small Persian rug'.
1871 Revenues $500 'Large Persian rug'.1851 10c green type ll.1857 5c brick red.
1857 1c blue type lll.1857 10c green type lV.1875 12c greenish black reprint.
1875 90c deep blue reprint.1861 30c red orange 'First colour' trial colour proof.1875 15c black 're-issue'.
1893 $4 Columbian block of 4.1880 2c black brown 'Special printing'.1880 24c dark violet 'Special printing'.
1880 90c dull carmine 'Special printing'.1902 Dollar values in blocks of 4.1895 Dollar values in blocks of 4.
1894 Dollar values in blocks of 4.1893 $5 Columbian block of 4.1861 3c scarlet.
1861 10c green 'First design'.1847 5c Franklin.1893 $3 Columbus.
1893 $4 Columbus.1893 $5 Columbus.1870 90c carmine Perry.
1902 $5 Marshall blue green.1930 $2.60 Zeppelin.1914 10c Panama-Pacific, perf 10.
1851 5c red brown imperforate.1847 10c Washington.1847 5c Franklin.
1846 Providence R.I., 5c and 10c se tenent.1845 5c 'Post office'.1901 4c buffalo Expo - Centre inverted error.
1845 St Louis 5c imperforate 'Postmasters'.1869 90c black and deep carmine, Lincoln.1869 6c Washington, blue.
1892 $2 Columbus.1930 $2.60 blue, Zeppelin.1930 $1.30 brown, Zeppelin.
1902-08 $5 blue-green, Marshall.1902-08 $1 Farragut, black.1898 $1 black, Omaha.
1894-5 $2 Madison, deep blue.1893 $4 Columbus, rose-carmine.1919 24c Curtis 'Jenny', inverted centre error.
1870 90c Perry, block of four.1869 90c Lincoln.1867 24c grey Washington, F grille.
1875 30c brownish-orange Franklin.1913-15 10c orange perf 10, Panama-Pacific.1869 5c carmine on scarlet, safety essay.
1875 $12 green, newspaper stamp.1879 24c vermilion, Interior Dept Official.1873 12c yellow Agriculture official.
1870-71 7c vermilion Stanton.1870-71 24c purple Gen Scott.1879 50c brown postage due.
1870-71 30c black Hamilton.1875 $6 ultramarine, Newspaper stamp.1873 $10 black and green, State Department official.
1869 90c black and deep carmine, Lincoln.1869 24c Declaration of Independence.1869 15c blue and brown, Landing of Columbus.
1861 3c lake Washington.1857 90c blue Washington.1857 10c Washington, type lV.
1851 10c Washington, type lV.1851 10c Washington, type ll.1916-7 30c orange red Franklin, perf 10.
1908-9 10c yellow Washington coil pair.1893 $1 Columbus.1893 50c Columbus.
1869 24c black, essay on India paper, Declaration of Independence.1876 15c Landing of Columbus, reissue.1845 5c Brattleboro Postmasters.
1918 24c Flying Jenny misplaced, making grounded plane variety.1873 $5 black and green State Official.1867 24c deep purple and green, Declaration of Independence.
1901 Pan American 2c, variety centre inverted.1918 24c Flying Jenny, centre inverted.1901 Pan American 1c, variety centre inverted.
1869 30c pale carmine and pale ultramarine.1869 10c orange, shield and eagle.1898 $2 orange-brown Mississippi.
1867 15c Lincoln, black.1861-6 5c red brown.1870-1 30c black, Hamilton.
1875 12c green, 'Adriatic' reissue.1880 90c dull carmine, Perry, special printing.1880 7c scarlet vermilion, special printing.
1894-5 $1 black, Perry.1894-5 8c violet brown.1901 1c black and green Pan-American, variety inverted centree.
1917-20 $2 black and vermilion, Franklin.1877 5c blue, Buffalo Balloon Post.
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