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Rare Thailand Stamps

Below are some rare Thailand stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare Thailand stamps ever sold!

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1882-85 British Post Office, 32c on 2a.1883 1s indigo vertical pair 'Imperforate between'.1920 15s blue perf 12½.
1917 2s Horizontal pair imperforate between.1914 5s on 6s horizontal pair imperforate between.1907 Fiscal stamps overprinted for postage.
1914 2s on 14s vertical pair 'Imperforate between'.1885 1 Tical surcharge on 1 solot, prussian blue, plate lll.1885 1 Tical surcharge (type l) on 1 solot, prussian blue, plate ll.
1883-5 1 att brown, imperforate proof.1881 Elephant essay, grey.1912 Vienna print 1b, variety horizontal pair imperforate between.
1917 3s bright green London printing, variety imperforate between vertical pair.1898-9 10 atts on 24 atts.1892 4 atts on 24 atts, surcharge type 24, variety Thai surcharge omitted.
1889-91 2a on 3a, surcharge type 2, type set.1894-5 1 att on 64 atts, narrow setting, variety surcharge both sides in pair, one inverted.1889-91 2a on 1a on 3a.
1889-91 1a on 2a surcharge, type l, variety figure 1 omitted.1899 10a rose and green.1912 20b brown and greenish blue.
1908 40t brown-black and greenish blue, monument,1907 40 Ticals on green fiscal.1883 Onr Fuang proof in deep red.
1899 4 atts green and black, rejected die.1894 2 atts on 64a red and mauve, type l, stop inverted.1898 10 atts on 24a blue and purple, large Siamese spiral symbol.
1898 10 atts on 24a bluec and purple, vertical pair showing roman and antique Ts.1890 2 atts on 3a (type 4) vertical pair, variety 1 surcharge omitted.1898 10 atts on 24a blue and purple, variety surcharge misplaced.
1907 40 Ticals postal fiscal, olive green.1902 10 atts on 12a brown purple and carmine, Battambong Provisional.1902 2 atts on 3a, Battambong Provisional.
1899 10 atts blue and red, rejected die.
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