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Rare Switzerland Stamps

Below are some rare Switzerland stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare Switzerland stamps ever sold!

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1845 Basel Dove.1845 Basel Dove.1843 GENEVA 5c black on yellow green.
1845 BASEL DOVE.1935 50c AIR 'IMPERF'.1937 10 on 15c AIR VAR'10' Inverted.
1851 NEUENBURG 5c.1843 'DOUBLE GENEVA'.1913 Aaran flight proof in issued colours.
1849 4c poste localle.1843 5c double Geneva.1845 Basle dove.
1845 Geneva small eagle.1851 5c Neuenburg.1850 2½rp poste localle block of 4.
1851 5c Neuenburg.1850 5fr Rayon l.1852 15c Rayon lll.
1928 75 pro Aereo 75 on 50c mint. 1845 Basle Dove pair. 1849 4c Waadt.
1846 Zurich 4 (type III).1854 15rp Munich printing. 1857 20rp orange thin paper.
1851 Neuenburg 5c on cover. 1843 Zurich 6rp mint. 1928 5fr blue imperf pair.
1939 Laupeu 10+10rp VAR 'imperf'. 1935 2r brown Air VAR 'IMPERF'. 1912 Anno Di Sole 10c red block of 4 VAR 'imperf horizontally'.
1933 50rp Air VAR 'imperforate'. 1854 5 rapper orange brown green silk thread.1915 5c Pro Juventute tete-beche pair.
1850 5c 'Neuchatel'.1846 4r Zurich pair.1849 4c Geneva local.
1843 Zurich, 6 rappen.1843 Geneva, 5 +5c Double Geneva.1850 Geneva, 5c.
1845 Basle, 2½r 'Dove'.1847-8 Geneva, 5c large eagle.1914-18 5fr blue, The Rutli, variety imperforate.
1854-62 1fr grey-lilac.1854-62 2 rappen grey.1856-7 10 rappen 'Strubel'.
1936 5c + 5c Pro Juventute imperforate.1870 10c carmine coil, variety imperforate. 1963-67 St Gallen Cathedral 80c brown-purple, variety imperforate.
1845 Basel Dove 2½rp.1871 Free Frank for French POWs, tete beche pair.1949-50 10c power, grey imperforate proof.
1945 10rp Pax red brown, proof.1936 23c orange views, imperforate proof.1847-8 Geneva, 5c black and green, large eagle.
1843 Geneva, Demi Double Geneva used as 5c.1843 Geneva, Double Geneva 5c + 5c black on yellow green.1850 Neuchatel, 5c black and red.
1850 Vaud, 5c black and red.1849 Vaud, 4c black and red.1882 15c orange-yellow, tete-beche pair.
1914-18 3fr deep green 'Mythen'.1938 75c deep grey-green and red 'Pro Aero'.
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