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Rare Russian Stamps

Below are some rare Russian stamps; these are among the most scarce and rare Russian stamps ever sold!

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1922 Air 1200Mk on 3fr VAR 'REPM INVERTED'.1922 Air 1200Mk on 2r25 VAR 'REPM INVERTED'.1858 10K.
1866-75 3K error of background.1935 1R San Fransisco flight, VAR 'surcharge inverted'.1858 30k rose and green.
1889 14 blue and rose on horiz laid paper VAR 'INVERTED CENTRE'. 1905 25k green & violet VAR 'INVERTED CENTRE'.1932 Moskow stamp exhibition without overprint only 25 issued for party officials.
1931 50k Zeppelin imperforate.1923 20k 'East Asia' Vladivostok flight.1932 Moscow stamp exhibition sheet imperforate.
1949 Lenin mausoleum sheet imperforate.1858 10k blue and brown imperforate.1922 12 mark on 2.25R consular air, overprint inverted error.
1922 24 mark on 3R consular air, overprint inverted error.1922 1200 mark on 50k consular air.1858 20k.
1922 12mk on 3r green and rose, error of value.1922 24mk on 3r, consular airpost, variety MAROK instead of MARKI.1922 1200mk on 2r25k consular airpost, variety REPM inverted.
1922 24mk on 3r consular airpost, variety REPM inverted.1922 1200r consular air.1923 5r green, air.
1918 West Ukraine, 10 on 10k Austrian Feldpost.1869 Zemstvo (St Petersburg), error of cliche 5k, NOVAYA LADOGA.1868 Zemstvo (Kharkov) 1k blue, sumy.
1868 Zemstvo (Viatka) 3k black on shiny green, GLAZOW.1867 Zemstov (Tver), 2k black and dark green, Rzhev.1880 Zemstov (Novgorad) 2k black on blue, Bielozersk.
1872 Zemstov (Tambov), 5k red lilac, Lebedian.1888 Zemstov (Ryazan), 5k black and red, Sapozhok.1871 Zemstov (Saratov), 2k black on smooth paper, Atkarsk.
1858 30k rose and green.1858 20k blue and orange.1858 30k deep rose, perf 14½ x 15.
1858 20k blue and orange, perf 14 x 15.1889 Zemstvos, USTIIUZHNA, 3k black on rosy orange.1920 Batum - British Occupation, 50r (type 3) on 1k vertical pair with tete beche surcharge.
1866 10k green and red perforated, plate proof.1866 10k blue and red perforated, plate proof.1866 10k brown and blue perforated, plate proof.
1866 1k blue on creamy paper, essay.1864 3k green and black perforated, plate proof.1866 1k black-carmine pair, essay.
1921 Priamur, 10 on 10k arms, deep blue.1923 Charity 4r + 4r on 5000r deep violet, silver overprint.1868 Zemstvo (Viatka), 3k black on shiny bronze green for Glazow.
1868/70 Zemstvo (Rzhev), 2k black and copper dark red for Rzhev.1880 Zemstov (Novgorod), 2k black on dark red for Bielozersk.1875/4 Zemstov (Tambov), 5k red lilac for Lebedian.
1888 Zemstov (Ryazan), 5k black and red for Sabozhok.1935 'Levanevsk' 1p brown, inverted overprint error.1924 Air '10k' on vertical imperforate pair, variety top stamp without surcharge.
1924 20k on 10r carmine air, variety surcharge inverted.1924 15 kon on 1r brown, variety surcharge inverted.1924 10 kon on 5r green air, variety overprint inverted.
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