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Rare Italy Stamps

Below are some rare Italy stamps; these are among the most scarce and rare Italy stamps ever sold!

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1928 30c Filiberto VAR centre inverted. 1918 $2 on 5l Pechino ovpt DOLLARI in capitals.1919 20c on 50c violet ovptd 'PECHINO'.
1879 30c brown.1933 Balbo tryptych ovpt 'SERVIZIO DI STATO' on flown cover.1933 Balbo tryptych ovpt 'VOLO DI RITORNO'.
1933 Balbo 44.75 tryptych, 'VOLO DI RITORNO'.1929 1.75L Vitt. Em II perf 13 3/41938 15c violet without 'Egeo' ovpt.
1851 gymnastics 5L horizontal pair showing 'Fleur de Lys omitted'. 1928 L20 Filiberts imperforate.1933 L5.25 Balbo triptych 'Volo di Ritorno'.
1908 50c lilac vertical pair, imperforate lower copy.1923 10c on 2c variety displaced on surcharge.1927 Valta 20c violet without colonial overprint.
1930 Crociera 7.70L block of 4.1933 12L Zeppelin, variety 'Imperforate at right'.1933 20c Zeppelin vertical pair imperforate between.
1950 200L Worker perf 14¼ x 11¼ by 14¼ x 13¼.1954 Vespucci 25L perf 12¼ x 13¼.1943 15c 'Base Atlantica'.
1937 15c Augustus violet, error of colour.1933 L5.25 Balbo triptych 'I-Bise' imperforate at base error.1956 unissued L25 'K2'.
1870 L10 postage due.1924 L1 'BLP' overprint inverted.1924 Semi official charities, L5 Opera Nazionale Protezazion Assistenza Invalide de Guerra.
1933 Official, L5.25 Balbo tryptch overprinted SERVIZIO DI STATO.1933 L5.25 Balbo tryptch 'I-LONG' overprinted VOLO DI RITORNO.1961 L205 'Gronshi Lila' error of colour.
1933 Balbo Triptych overprinted 'SERVIZIO DI STATO'.
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