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Rare Italian States Stamps

Below are some rare Italian States stamps; these are among the most scarce and rare Italian States stamps ever sold!

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1860 Sicily, ½t 'TRINACRIA'.1860 Tuscany, 3L yellow ochre.1851 Tuscany, 60cr scarlet.
1850 Lombardy, 45c blue plate ll type ll.1850 Lombardy, 15c carmine with St Andrews Cross at base.1853 Lombardy, 15c rose Verona forgery.
1853 Lombardy, 30c brown Verona forgery.1859 Lombardy, 2s yellow vertical pair with St Andrews cross at base.1859 Parma, 80c Prov. Govt. variety 'Thick O'.
1941 Zante, pair 100d overprint Zante.1859 Sicily, 50gr brown lake.1855 Sardinia, L3 cupra bronze.
1852 Papal States, 3 baj - 8 frame lines.1860 Tuscany, 3L yellow buff, provisional government.1851 Tuscany, 60 crazie scarlet on grey.
1851 Sardinia, 40c rose.1860 Naples, ½t Cross of Savoy.1861 Naples, 2gr black error of colour.
1859 Sicily, 50 grana.1850 Lombardo-Veneto, 15c St Andrew's cross.1860 Naples, ½t Trinacria.
1852 Papal States, ½ baj tete-beche pair.1944 Zara, L20 overprint, broken b variety.1858 Naples, 50gr lake.
1858 Sicily, Lesache essay.1860 Sicily, Pampillonia essay.1861 Neopolitan Provinces, 2gr Nero, error of colour.
1943 Zara, L2.55 Imperiale - German Occupation overprint.1943 Zara, L5 air, German Occupation overprint.1918 Trentino, 10k.
1860 Romagno, 1 baj blue essay.1943 Zara, L25 Imperiale, German occupation overprint.1943 Zara, L50 German occupatio overprint.
1943 Zara, L10 Air - German occupation overprint.1943 Fezzan, 1f on 25c.1918 Venezia-Coiulia, 10k partial overprint.
1943 Bordeaux, 15c grey-green, Base Atlantica overprint.1943 Bordeaux, 5c Imperiale brown red, Base Atlantica overprint.1944 RSI, L25 Imperiale.
1944 RSI, L50 Imperiale.1852 Papal State, 1 scudo dull rose.1851 Tuscany, 1 soldo orange bistre.
1908 Levant, 20 Piastra on L5 floreale.1852 Parma, 40c blue.1852 5c ochre.
1858-9 Lombardo-Veneto, 4kr vermilion newspaper stamp used in Venice.1851 Sardinia, 20c blue.1851 Sardinia, 5c black.
1860 Tuscany, 3 Lire orange-ochre.1857-9 Tuscany, 9 crazie lilac brown.1851-52 Tuscany, 600 crazie scarlet on grey.
1854 Sardinia, 40c rosso mattone chiaro.1860 Tuscany, 3 Lire yellow ochre.1851-2 Tuscany, 60 crazie scarlet on grey, used.
1851 Sardinia, 40c rose pair.1852 Papal States, 50 baj azzure.1860 Naples, ½t 'Cross of Savoy' azzure.
1860 Naples, ½t 'Trinocria' azzure.1851 Tuscany, 1s orange bistre.1860 3 Lire ochre.
1860 Tuscany, 80c pale red-brown.1860 Tuscany, L3 yellow-buff.
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