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Rare Great Britain Stamps

Below are some rare Great Britain stamps; these are among the most scarce and rare Great Britain stamps ever sold!

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1840 2d.1840 V.R. Official.1912 1d tete-beche.
1902 6D 1.R. Official.1882-83 £1.1888 £1 'ORBS'.
1855 1sh deep green ovptd 'specimen'.1862 4d vermillion imprimatur.1862 6d lilac imprimatur.
1862 9d bistre imprimatur.1862 1sh green plate 1.1862 1sh green abnormal plate 3.
1862 1sh green abnormal plate 3 imperf. pair.1865 4d vermilion plate 11 imperf. pair.1865 6d lilic plate 5 VAR 'imperf'.
1867 3d rose plate 6 VAR 'imperf.'.1867 9d pale straw plate 4 marginal blk.1867 6d mauve abnormal plate 10 imprimatur.
9d straw plate 4 VAR 'imperf'.1867 1sh green plate 4 VAR 'imperf'.1867 1sh plate 5 imperf colour trial in blue.
1872 1sh green 'STOCK EXCHANGE FORGERY'.1867 2sh blue plate 1 corner block of 6.1867 2sh milky blue plate 1.
1867 5sh pale rose plate 2.1867 10sh greenish grey imprimatur.1867 £1 brown lilac imprimatur.
1867 £1 imperf plate proof in black.1882 5sh rose plate 4 on blued paper.1882 5sh rose plate 4 on white paper.
1882 10sh grey green on blued paper.1882 £1 brown lilac on blued paper.1887 £5 Telegraph imperf clour trial in dull mauve.
1882 £5 Postage imprimatur.1882 £5 ORANGE ON WHITE paper block of 4.1865 9d straw plate 4.
1865 1sh plate 4 imperf plate proof in green.1865 9d straw abnormal plate 5.1865 9d straw abnormal plate 5 imprimatur.
1867 3d plate 8 colour trials in green.1867 6d mauve plate 8 VAR 'IMPERF'.1867 6d plate 9 imperf colour trial in brown.
1867 10d red brown plate 1 VAR 'imperf'.10d red brown plate 1.1873 4d plate 17 imperf colour trial in blue.
1873 4d sage green plate 15 block.1878 4d grey brown plate 17.1876 unissued 8d purple brown plate 1 block.
1876 8d orange plate 1.1880 3d on 3d purple imprimatur.1880 4d plate 17 colour trial in sage.
1880 1sh plate 13 colour trial in green.1880 unissued 1sh purple plate 14.1883 5sh rose on blued paper.
1883 10sh ultramarine on blued paper.1884 watermark crowns £1 brown lilac.1888 orbs watermark £1 brown lilac strip of 3.
1891 £1 green.1891 £1 green plate 2 with broken frame.1937 Geo VI 4d Grey green imperf horizontal pair.
1942 WWll Propaganda, 20gr Dr Frank forgery for General Government - Poland. 1942 WWll Propaganda, 6gr Himler pair of forgeries for General Government - Poland. 1840 1d black plate 1c IMPRIMATUR.
1841 2d blue plate lll with lines. 1882 £5 orange.1883 10sh cobalt.
1913 £1 green block. 1962 N.P.Y. 1sh 3d VAR 'QUEENS HEAD OMITTED'. 1840 VR 1d official, block of 4.
1867 10 greenish grey plate 1.1882 £1 ORBS, I.R. official.1840 1d black plate 7, block of 4.
1913 seahorse 5sh die proof.1915 De la Rue 2sh 6d colour trial.1913 waterlow seahorses £1 green block of 4.
1841 2d blue, small trial, block of 4.1867 £5 orange.1882 £1 inland revenue.
1915 10sh deep blue De la Rue seahorse.1912 ½d bright yellow (Cyprus) green pair.1882 £1 brown lilac on blued paper wmk anchor.
1882 10sh greenish on greyish white wmk anchor.1901 I.R. offical £1.1840 2d blue, plate l.
1840 1d black plate ll.1840 1d black plate X.1912-22 simple cypher wmk 1d scarlet Tete Beche pair.
1840 1d V R official.1883 £1 brown lilac.1840 1d black plate Vlll superb mint.
1840 2d blue, marginal block of 4.1840 VR OFFICIAL.1840 plate 1b block of 4.
1902 10sh ultramarine lR OFFICIAL.1902 1sh Board of Education.1911 Hanover 3d grey on lemon pf14.
1900 £1.1913 £1.1911 Edward VII perf 15 x 14, grey or lemon.
1847 embossed 10d, brown pair. 1884 £1 brown lilac. 1884 £1 brown lilac, VAR 'BROKEN FRAME'.
1882 £1 green official.1840 VR 1d official.1902 2d Tyrian Plum.
1840 'Rainbow' colour trial in deep red brown. 1840 'Rainbow' trial printing in deep blue on blued paper. 1858 1½d Rosy mauve.
1847 1sh green die I 3/4.1847 10d brown. 1883 £1 brown lilac imprimature.
1880 Consolidated contract essays on card. 1883 10sh ultramarine on blued paper imprimature. 1887 Jubilee 4d Jubilee esay in green red and white.
1901 Edward VII £1 dull blue green ovpt specimen Ty 17.1902 3d grey on lemon. 1902 Perf 15x14 3d grey on lemon.
1912 5d yellow brown printed in varnish ink. 1913 £1 dark green ovpted 'Specimen'.1929 1d scarlet printed varnish ink.
1937 2½d bright ultramarine VAR 'imperforate'. Rainbow trial 1d sheet of 12 in deep blue, state 1. Rainbow trials. 1d sheet of 12 in deep olive green on thick laid paper.
1841 2nd blue Plate 3 block of 4. 1867 10sh greenish grey wmk crois 'imprimatur'. 1910 2d tyrian plum 'prepared but not used'.
1883 10sh ultramarine on blued paper.1888 £1 brown lilac watermark ORBS VARIETY 'broken frame'.1885 £1 brown lilac overprint l.R. OFFICAL.
1902 ½d yellow green VARIETY 'double printing'.1902 10 ultramarine l.R. OFFICAL.1912 ½d cyprus green.
1912 1d deep orange vermilion 'VARNISH INK'.1885 £1 brown lilac watermark CROWNS overprint l.R. OFFICAL1840 1d black 'V-R' block of 4.
1895 10sh cobalt overprint l.R. OFFICAL.1895 10sh cobalt overprint l.R OFFICAL.1885 £1 green I.R OFFICAL VARIETY 'BROKEN FRAME'.
1902 Admiralty offical set.1902 £1 green I.R OFFICAL.1902 10sh ultra I.R OFFICAL.
1867 Paris Exhibition proofs of 1d black and 2d blue on thick card.1902 1s Queen Victoria, red and green overprinted 'Board of Education'.1887 £1 green, overprinted 'I.R.'.
1847 10d embossed.1878 £1 brown lilac.1902 10d Edward VII overprint 'O.W. Official'.
1883 10s ultramarine.1883 5s rose.1902 5s King Edward VII overprinted I.R.Official.
1901 5s King Edward VII carmine, overprinted I.R.OFFICIAL.1901 £1 green overprinted I.R. OFFICIAL.1902 10d King Edward VII, overprinted O.W. OFFICIAL.
1901 6d deep purple, overprinted I.R. OFFICIAL.1847-54 Essay, Queen Victoria, head without pendant curl, in green.1847-54 Queen Victoria Essay, without pendant curl, on yellow.
1847-54 1s green fimbusted block of six.1941-2 ½d light green, tete-beche pair.1941-2 3d pale violet block of four, variety imperforate at top.
1941-2 2½d light blue, variety imperforate.    
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