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Rare German States Stamps

Below are some rare German States stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare German States stamps ever sold!

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1850 Saxony, 3pfg.1852 Baden, 6kr black on green. 1862 Baden, 1kr perf 10 grey black.
1863 Bremen, 5sgr green.1860 Bremen, 7g black on yellow.1855 Bremen, 3gr black strip of 3.
1959 Lubeck, 2s brown block of 8. Mecklenburg-Schwerin 5s blue strip of 5.1864 Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 23 grey.
1864 Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 2s red lilac.1864 Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 2sgr ultra.Oldenburg 1/15th black on rose.
Oldenburg 1/3rd sgr black on green.Oldenburg 1/10th black on yellow.1859 Oldenburg, 3g strip of 3.
1861 Oldenburg, 1/3g blue green.Oldenburg ½g pale red brown.1859 Oldenburg, 1/3g black on green.
1858 Prussia, 2sg dark blue.1859 3gr black on yellow.1859 1/3gr black on green.
1849 1Kr black plate 1 gulter pair.1849 3Kr blue gulter pair.1859 3gr black on yellow.
1859 1/3gr black on green.1852 1/3sgr black on green.1859 9kr carmine red block of 4.
1865 70kr red lilac type ll complete sheet of 6.1862 18kr blue paper block of 6.1859 1 kf brown lilac block of 4.
1920 5mk VAR 'DOUBLE OVERPRINT'.1859 1kr dark brown block of 4.1861 1/3rd gr moss green.
Hanover. 1/30th Thaler black on brick.1853 Hannover, 3pf rose.1856 Hannover, with Network ovpt. 3pf carmine.
1856 Hannover, with Network ovpt. 1ggr black on green. 1856 Hannover, with Network ovpt. 1/30th Thaler black on rose. 1856 Hannover, with Network ovpt 1/30 Thaler black on orange.
1859 Hannover, no wmk. 3pf rose.1859 Hannover, George V 2gr blue block of 4.1859 Hannover, George V 3gr orange.
1860 Hannover, ½gr. Black on white. 1861 Hannover, George V 10gr yellow green. 1863 Hannover, 3pf green on white.
1864 Hannover, 3pf olive green rouletted.1850 Hannover, 1ggr black on green. Hannover 2gr blue roulette.
1851 Hanover. 1/10th black on yellow. 1856 Hanover. 3pfg rose with network overprint, corner date copy. 1856 Hanover. 1ggr black green, network block of 6.
1861 Hanover. 10gr yellow green. 1861 Hanover. 3gr brown, imperfect block. 1864 Hanover. 3gr brown block.
1850 Hanover 1ggr black on grey blue. 1851 Hanover. 1/30th black on magenta, pair. 1851 Hanover 1/15th black on grey blue, marginal strip.
1853 Hanover. 3pfg rose, imperfect block of 4. 1856 Hanover. 1/10th black on yellow with orange wide network overprint. 1860 Hanover ½gr black on white, imperfect block of 6.
1856 Hanover 1/10th black on yellow, orange network overprint. 1859 ½sch lilac.1859 2½sch rose.
1859 1sch orange.1859 Lubeck, 2½sch red brown.1849 Bavaria, 1kr black Plate l block of 4.
1861 Oldenburg, ¼gr yellow orange.1859 Lubeck, 4sch dark green.1849 Bavaria, 6kr brown type ll gulter pair.
1867 Bavaria, 9kr bistre gulter pair.1849 Bavaria, 9kr dull blue green type ll.1949 Baden, Freiburg min sheet variety '4pfg omitted'.
1949 Baden, Red Cross min sheet variety '40pfg omitted'.1949 Rheinland-Ptalz, Red Cross min sheet variety '40pfg omitted'.1862 Bavaria, 6kr ultramarine error of colour.
1941 General government, Vienna State, printers sample sheet showing colour combination of the 10Zl issue.1865 Wuttemburg, 70kr red lilac complete sheet of 6.1949 French Zone, Freiburg min sheet variety '3 stamp instead of 4'.
1949 French Zone, Baden, Red Cross min sheet variety 'Misplaced printing'.1938 Sudetenland, 'Karlsbad l.X.1938' on 10k, czechoslovak.1851 Wurttemburg, 18kr lilac.
1861 Oldenburg, ¼gr orange.1859 Oldenburg, 1/3gr dark green.1855 Bremen, 7gr black on yellow.
1920 Marian Werder, 1mk carmine, error overprint inverted.1850 Saxony, 3pfg red.1856 Bremen, 7gr black on yellow.
1859 Hamburg, 9s yellow.1850 Saxony, 3pfg red plate lll.1919 Bavaria, 5M 'Freistadt Bayern' error inverted overprint.
1849 Baden, 1kr plate l, grey black.1861 Bergdorf, ½sch.1859 Oldenburg, 2gr.
1859 Oldenburg, 1/3gr.1864 Mecklenburg-Stralitz, ¼ Silb.Gr. red orange.1873 Wurttemburg, 70kr violet brown.
1940 Alsace, 6pfg Hidenburg, overprint inverted variety.1940 Alsace, 8pfg Hidenburg, variety overprint inverted. 1851-5 Hannover, 1/15th on blue.
1859-61 Hannover, 1/10th black and orange imperforate.1856 Hannover, 3pfg pale rose and grey1851-5 Hannover, 1/10th on orange-yellow.
1859 Hannover, 3pfg dull rose imperforate.1884 Hamburg, 2½s blue-green imperforate.1860-2 Hannover, ½gr black on white, imperforate pair.
1859 Oldenburg, 1/3gr black on green.1859 Lubeck, 2s brown 'ZWEI EIN HALE' error.1849 Bavaria, 1k black.
1859 Hamburg, 9sch lemon yellow.1860 ½gr black on white.1947 Allied Zone, 2pf + 6pf workers ce-tenent.
1947 Allied Zone, 2pf + 12pf workers ce-tenent.1947 Allied Zone, 2pf + 12pf workers Zusammandruke.1949 Saar, 15fr University, imperforate.
1855 Bremen, 3gr black on blue grey, strip of three.1946 12pf + 88pf Dresden Town Hall proof in green.1943 Zara, L20 of Italy overprinted.
1943 Zara, L25 of Italy overprinted.1943 Zara, L50 of Italy overprinted.1943 Zara, L5 Air of Italy overprinted.
1943 Zara, L10 Air of Italy overprinted.1943 Zara, 20c Imperiale of Italy, overprinted with bars, proof.1864-76 Hamburg, 9sch yellow, perf 13½.
1873 Wurttemburg, 70kr brownish-lilac, single dotted dividing lines.1856-63 Bremen, 7gr black on yellow.1856-63 Bremen, 5gr black on rose.
1855 Bremen, 3gr black on blue.1866-7 Bremen, 5sgr green on chalky paper, perf 13.1866-7 Bremen, 5sgr yellow green, perf 13.
1866-7 Bremen, 2sgr yellow orange.1863 Bremen, 2gr yellow-orange.1859 Bremen, 5sgr moss-green on thick chalky paper.
1853 Hannover, 3pf pale rose.1856 Hannover, 3pf pale rose and grey.1951-2 Berlin, 10pf yellow green, clipper right, variety imperforate.
1920 Saar, unissued 3mk black on violet grey.1849 Bavaria, 1k black.1920 (Aug) Danzig, 1mk carmine red with red diagonal overprint.
1920 Saar, 5mk of Bavaria overprinted SARRE.1923 (Dec) Memel, 15 Cent on 50m, type ll.1945-6 East Saxony, 6pf blackish green.
1951 Berlin, 10pf bell - clapper to right, variety imperforate.1948 Allied Zone, 1rm with Net posthorn overprint used.1949 Rhineland Palatinate, Red Cross min sheet, variety missing 40pf vignette.
1949 Baden, 30pf Constance Congress, 2nd printing.1859 Oldenburg, 1/3gr black on green.1861 Oldenburg, ¼gr yellow-orange.
1859 Lubeck, 1sch orange.1859 Lubeck, 2½sch rose.1851 Wurttemburg, 18kr black on lilac.
1921 Saar, 15 cents on 40pf, vertical pair - 1 with surcharge inverted.1947 20F on 84pf, variety surcharge inverted.1850 Schleswig-Holsten, 2s deep rose.
1928 Saar, 10fr Madonna.
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