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Rare France Stamps

Below are some rare France stamps; these are among the most scarce and rare France stamps ever sold!

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1849 1f.1849 10c bistre Ceres.1849 15c pale green Ceres.
1849 1fr carmine brown Ceres.1849 1fr dull vermilion Ceres.1852 10c bistre Napoleon.
1853 1fr deep carmine Napoleon.1853 1fr 'Reimpression' tete-beche pair.1863 20c blue, type ll, VAR 'A LA CORNE'.
1863 5fr violet grey VAR 'IMPERF'.1870 20c blue, type l, Bordeaux.1876 25c ultramarine, type l.
1929 10fr bright ultramarine type lll.1933 30c red Briand, unissued colour.1934 1fr 50 red, Dove, unissued colour.
1934 1fr 50 blue green 'Normandy'.1936 50c red exhibition, unissued colour.1852 10c.
1849 15c Ceres pair.1849 1d vermilion Ceres.1871 15c Tete-Beche pair.
1928 'ILE DE FRANCE' blocks of 4.1852 10c bistre.1849 1fr vermilion.
1849 15c green.1849 1fr carmine pair.1853 1fr carmine.
1863 5fr grey violet block of 4.1853 1fr carmine. 1849 15c.
1871 25C blue tete-beche pair. 1849 1fr bright carmin Ceres.1849 15c green Ceres.
1849 1fr dull vermilion Ceres. 1852 10c bistre Repub. (Presidence).1849 unissued 25c on 20c blue reissue.
1871 4c grey block of 4.1870 80c rose block of 4.1949 Unissued 25fr 'Baudot', 1848 error of date.
1859 1fr vermilion.1849 15c yellow green.1863 80c Laurealed Napoleon.
1870 40c Bordeaux.1876 15c sage grey-lilac.1877 75c sage rose.
1877 5fr mauve on pale lilac.1898 2fr bistre on azure imperforate.1900 2fr Merson.
1900 2fr Merson imperforate.1900 5fr Merson imperforate.1923 1fr Bordeaux Phil. Congress.
1929 2fr Le Havre Phil. Congress.1849 20c black, tete-beche pair.1853 1fr carmine.
1863 5fr grey violet imperforate.1936 50fr 'Banknote' air.1917 5fr orphans.
1936 10fr South Atlantic flight.1936 50fr air.1849 25c tete-beche pair.
1849 1fr vermilion.1869 5fr lilac.1871 10 on 10c bistre.
1853 1c olive green.1870 20c blue Bordeaux.1853 80c rose red.
1959 25fr + 5fr Frejus, inverted overprint.1849 1fr carmine brown.1928 10fr on 90c air, inverted overprint error.
1986 Carnival 2fr 20 variety 'Red omitted'.1935 2fr Breton River, slate grey error of colour.1937 30c scarlet, Samothrace error of colour.
1940-1 1F on 2f50 green block of four, 1 showing missing surcharge variety.1941 1F on 1f25 carmine PAX block of four, 1 showing missing surcharge variety.1926 25 on 30c blue Sameual pair, variety one without surcharge.
1940-41 50c on 55c lilac PAX, variety surcharge inverted.1940-41 30c on 35c green Sameual vertical pair, variety displaced and missing surcharge.1944 2F40 scarlet from unissued miniature sheet.
1877-90 5fr mauve/pale lilac 'sage'.1927 1fr50 blue American Legion, variety imperforate.1927 1Fr50 blue American Legion, variety missing value.
1927 90c red American Legion, variety missing value.1877-90 1c 'Sage' on prussian blue.1928 10Fr on 90c Berthelot, variety surcharge inverted.
1914 Valenciennes Chamber of Commerce, 10c red.1849-50 20c Ceres black, block of six with central tete-beche pair.1977 Nature conservation 80c with black (value and inscription) missing.
1849-50 25c blue.1849-50 15c green.1849-50 10c yellow bistre.
1849-50 Unissued 25c in red on 20c Ceres blue.1849-50 1fr vermilion, pale Ceres.1892 Napoleon Republic Franc 10c, yellow bistre.
1853 1fr deep carmine, Napoleon.1859 10c litho, postage due.1876 25c 'Sage' ultramine, type l.
1849 10c bistre, tete-beche pair.1852 1fr feep carmine.1862 Unissued 25c on 20c.
1862 Unissued 20c blue Ceres.1849 1fr carmine-brown.1870-1 20c blue Ceres, tete-beche pair.
1869 5fr lilac grey.1853 20c blue Napoleon, tete-beche pair.1853 1fr carmine.
1929-33 10fr brown-black, La Rochelle unissued.1893-1941 1fr rose on straw, interpanneau pair.1922 30c Sameuse Paris precancel.
1900 2fr deep lilac and buff Merson.1876-1900 5fr lilac 'Sage' imperforate.1853/60 20c blue tete-beche pair.
1871 10c yellow-bistre, tete-beche pair.1871-5 15c bistre, tete-beche pair.1849 20c black on white Ceres, tete-beche pair.
1849 15c green Ceres imperforate.
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