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Rare Chinese Treaty Ports

Below are some rare Chinese States stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare Chinese States stamps ever sold!

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1875 Shanghai, 3ca on 16c green, surcharge in blue.1875 Shanghai, 1ca on CA slate, Surcharge in red.1873 Shanghai, 1ca on 8c grey blue, surcharge in red.
1888 Shanghai, 80c green VARIETY 'IMPERFECT BETWEEN'.1893 Shanghai, 1c on 2c brown 'SURCHARGE DOUBLE ONE INVERTED'.1894 Formosa, offical horizontal pair, narrow spacing.
1888 Formosa, 10c railway surcharge on 20c green & 20c carmine.1888 Formosa, 20c carmine & 20c green railway stamps SHUICHWANKIAO-TAIPEH & return overprints.1888 Formosa, 20c carmine & 20c green railway stamps Taipeh-Hsikow & return overprints.
1866 Shanghai, 3ca terracota on laid paper.1944 Binhai area, 10f green.1931 Hunan-Kiangsi border area, 1c grey blue.
1932 Soviet posts, postage due 1c brown.1932 Soviet posts, 2c red flower series.1898 Wei-Hai-Wei, 5c 'Courier post'.
1944 Centra Kiangsu, 'Torch'.1944 East Su-Chung, unit stamp.1944 East, Yantu 5c light green.
1942 East Shantury Bohai post issue, Hwainan 'Xuai Nan'.1942 East Shantury, 5c deep blue type 4.1942 North China Chin-Ki-Lu-Yu Border area, 5c pale orange.
1932 Soviet Posts, Red flags 3c dark red brown.1947 East, $100 on $ orange yellow.1938 North China Liberation area, Running soldier.
1938 North Chin-Cha-Ki Border area, War of Resistance commemoration, no value.1946 Hopeh-Shantung-Hunang Border, $2 green strip of 5, Hotseh print.1938 Tanghsein, 1c vermilion, wood chop provisional.
1948 Chin-Sui area, $400 on $120 green Mao, 1st printing, 4th handstruck surcharge.1947 Chin-Sui area, $500 on $3 Mao blue, red overprint, 2nd surcharge 1st printing.1942 North (Chin-Ki-Lu-Yu border), Unissued 50c red.
1946 North (Hopeh-Shantung-Honan border), $10 light blue, Victory 1st anniversary.1945 North (Hopeh-Shantung-Honan border), 50c Chairman Mao, Hotseh print.1938 North (Chin-Cha-Ki area), 5c pair, resistance against Japan commemoration.
1952 Taiwan, $50.00 on (-) blue green, swans.1951 Taiwan, $50.00 on (-) blue green, swans.1877 Shanghai, 1ca on 12ca brown.
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