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Rare China Stamps

Below are some rare China stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare China stamps ever sold!

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1923 2c on 3c inverted surcharge.1878 1c yellow green comlete sheet of 25.1878 3c brown red complete sheet of 25.
1878 5c dull orange complete sheet of 25.1883 thick paper 1c green block.1878 5c orange block.
1882 wide setting 5c yellow ochre.1892 small drageon 5c olive VAR 'double impression'.1897 30c on 24c rose carmine block (large fig. Surch).
1897 revenue surch $5 carmine.1914 1st Peking printing $2 VAR 'centre inverted'.1912 $2 Nanking Neutrality surcharge.
1897 Revenue surch $ small $1 surcharge.1916 $10 Hung Hsien essay ovpt in red.1941Sun Yat Sen $2 vertical pair centre inverted.
1968 'the whole country is red' 8f error block. 1969 Mao poem 8f VAR 'imperf block'.1941 $2 Sun Yat Sen VAR 'INVERTED CENTRE'.
1931 Chineses Soviet Republic 10c red.1968 8f 'whole country is red'.1956 8f views of Peking unissued.
1897 revenue surcharged $5.1897 revenue surcharged $5 inverted.1938 Shansi, Hopeh border area 'RUNNING SOLDIER'.
1897 3c revenue block of 4.1878 3ca red large dragon on cover.1897 4c on 3c revenue VAR 'DOUBLE SURCHARGE'.
1912 $2 Neutrality.1913 $2 Temple of heavenly peace VAR 'CENTRE INVERTED'.1941 $2 Sun Yat Sen VAR 'INVERTED CENTRE'.
1897 $1 on 3c carmine 'small dollar'.1923 2cts on 3c VAR 'SURCHARGE INVERTED'.1878 1ca green colour proof imperf block of 4.
1897 $5 on 3c red revenue stamp.1878 1ca green imperf vertical pair.1897 $1 On 3c deep red (small figure).
1897 $5 on 3c deep red VAR 'inverted surcharge'.1897 2cj on 3c deep red block, 1 showing 'inverted S'.1897 5c on 5ca olive yellow, large figures, spaced 2½ m/m.
1941 $2 Sun Yat Sen vertical pair variety VAR 'centres inverted'.1897 4c on 3c deep red (small figures) VAR 'double surcharge'.1897 4c on 3c deep red (small figures).
1897 30c on 24ca rose carmine Large figures (2½ m/m spacing). 1915 $1 sinkiang block VAR '2nd & 3rd characters transposed'. 1912 $2 Foochow overprint.
1912 $5 Foochow overprint.1912 $1 Nanking 'Provisional'.1919 $20 yellow and black.
1878 1c yellow green complete mint sheet.1878 3c brown red complete sheet.1878 Thin paper 5c dull orange complete mint sheet (25).
1930 Kiang si issue 8f pair.1897 2c on 3c revenue small figures 'Surcharge inverted'.1912 $1 - $5 Foochow provisional neutrality issue.
1956 View of Peking unissued 8f orange red.1883 3 candarins cliche 21 with variety of extra '3'' at left.1912 50c green with Provisional Neutrality overprint.
1912 $1 red and flesh with Provisional Neutrality overprint.1912 $2 claret and yellow with Provisional Neutrality overprint.1912 $5 myrtle and salmon with Provisional Neutrality overprint.
1956 S15 8f, view of Peking (TIEN AN MEN).1923 50c black on red, Pagado, PAO TZE KPU (Bandit post).1923 50c black on red, PAO TZE KPU (Badit post).
1913-33 $10 black and green, London printing.1912 16c olive green, overprinted Republic of China Provisional Neutrality.1897 Small 10c on 12c brown orange cancelled PAGODA ANCHORAGE/CUSTOMS/MAIL MATTER.
1885-8 3c mauve, imperforate block of four.1894-7 Dowager, 9c vertical pair, imperforate between.1878-83 5c block of 4, used.
1898-1910 $5 deep green and salmon pair, imperforate between.1885-8 5c olive-yellow small dragon, perf 11½,12, double impression.1894 1st printing, 24c rose-carmine pair, imperforate between.
1923 2c on 3c blue green, variety overprint inverted.1882 1 candarin green.1882 3 canadarin brown-red.
1882 5 canadarin yellow-ochre.1897 3c Revenue surcharged (small) 4 cents.1897 3c Revenue surcharged (large) $5.
1897 30c on 24c rose carmine, large figure 1½mm setting on 1st printing.1912 2c brown, postage due.1878-83 5c yellow-ochre 'large dragon, variety double dot.
1912 1c brown, postage due.1923 2c on 3c, surcharge inverted.1897 Imperial Chinese Post, $5 proof.
1897 3c Revenue vermilion-red, variety unsurcharged.1897 3c Revenue surcharge $5 pair, variety overprint inverted.1913-33 $2 black and blue 1st Peking printing, variety centre inverted.
1897 1 Dollar (small) on 3c deep red.1913 $2 blue, inverted centre.1941 $2 Sun Yat Sen, error centre inverted.
1897 '4 cents' small figure on 3c revenue. 1913-33 $10 First Peking printing, black and yellow.
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