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Stamp Gallery - Canada Stamps

Below are the stamps we have for this country; click an image for a larger view.

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1851 12d black.1851 12d black. 1897 $5.
1959 St Lawrence Seaway INVERTED CENTRE.1859 12½c green block of 4.1857 3d red VAR 'CRACKED PLATE'.
1959 St Lawrence Seaway 5c INVERTED CENTRE.1852 3d red on handmade paper.1852 brown red on medium paper.
1852 7½d yellow green on handmade paper.1851 12d black .1851 6d slate-violet red cancellation.
1851 12d black.1852 6p greenish grey on handmade paper. 1852 7½d pale yuellow green on handmade paper.
1858 6d brownish grey perf 11-3/4.1959 5c seaway invert. 1865 5c rose.
1856 10d deep bright blue. 1851 12d black.1927 London - London flight vigrette.
1897 $2 Jubilee.1821 12d black.1851 12p black.
1897 $3 Jubilee.1897 $4 Jubilee.1897 $2 Jubilee.
1897 $3 Jubilee.1897 $1 carmine.1852 7½d green imperforate.
1851 12d black.1929 Newfoundland, Three Cents on 6c slate, variety surcharge in black.1865 Newfoundland, 5c brown seal.
1959 5c Lawrence Seaway, inverted centre.1893 50c Queen Victoria imprint, imperforate horizontal pair.1857 6d reddish-purple.
1860 Newfoundland, 4d orange vermilion.1851 New Brunswick, 1s reddish mauve.1898 2c lavender Christmas stamp, imperforate pair.
1963 2c Queen Elizabeth ll official pair, with and without G overprint.1959 5c St Lawrence Seaway, variety inverted centre.1855 10d blue, Cartier imperforate.
1928 $1 Parliament vertical pair, variety inperforate between.
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