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Rare Australian States Stamps

Below are some rare Australian States stamps; click an image for a larger view. These are among the most scarce and rare Australian States stamps ever sold!

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1896 Victoria, £100 stamp duty cto.1884 Victoria, £10 stamp duty.1850 New South Wales, 1d pale red view.
1855 South, London print 1d dark green.1855 South, unissued 1sh violet.1853 Tasmania, 4d bright orange pair.
1854 Western, 4d blue block of 4.1879 Western, 2d mauve error of colour.1860 Queensland, 1d carmine rose.
1860 Queensland, 2d blue.1860 Queensland, 1860 6d green.1855 South, 1d dark green.
1856 South, 1d yellow green.1855 South, 1sh violet London print1865 Western, 2p violet error of colour.
1891 South, 2sh 6d 'O S' overprint. 1854 Western, 1sh pale brown, rouletted.1879 West, 2d lilac error of colour.
1855 South, 1d dark green.1850 New South Wales, 1d vermilion.1855 Tasmania, 2d green imperforate.
1850 Victoria, 1d orange vermilion.1853-5 Tasmania, 4d orange.1850 Victoria, 2d lilac brown.
1850 Victoria, 3d blue.1850 NSW, 2d blue.1887 South, £10 copper-bronze.
1850 N.S.W., 1d 'Sydney View' dull carmine with clouds.1850 N.S.W., 2d indigo 'Sydney View', plate ll.1853 South, 8d orange-yellow.
1860 Queensland, 2d blue imperforate pair.1856 Victoria, 6d 'Queen on Throne' die proof.1854-55 Western, 1s 'Swan' salmon shade.
1852 NSW, 6d Vandyke-brown, plate l.1852 NSW, 3d green on greyish blue.1851 NSW, 2d deep ultramarine, plate ll.
1851 NSW, 1d brick red on bluish paper.1851 NSW, 1d carmine, laureated issue.1850 NSW, 3d myrtle green, Sydney view.
1850 2d blue, Sydney view, plate l.1850 NSW, 1d carmine, Sydney view, plate l.1860 Queensland, 6d green.
1856/8 South, 1s orange pair.1855 South, 1d dark green, imperforate.1856/8 South, 2d red.
1855 South, 6d deep blue.1856/8 South, 1d yellow green.1860 Queensland, 1d carmine-rose pair.
1864-79 Western, 2d mauve, error of colour.1854-5 4d deep blue.1850 NSW, 1d red on bluish wove, Sydney View pair.
1856 Tasmania, 1d deep red-brown on pelure paper.1858 Tasmania, 1s vermilion vertical pair.1853 Tasmania, 1d blue, imperforate.
1853-5 Tasmania, 4d bright red-orange, plate l, first state.1857-9 Western, 6d golden-bronze, imperforate.1854-5 Western, 1s grey-brown.
1854-5 Western, 1s deep red-brown.1854-5 Western, 4d deep dull blue.1860 Queensland, 2d blue imperforate.
1868-74 1s red brown overprinted 'C.D' (Convict Department).1854-9 NSW, 6d greyish-brown.1901 Victoria, £2 King Edward VII blue.
1855 Tasmania, 2d deep green.1850 NSW, 2d grey-blue, Sydney view.
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