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Stamp Gallery - Australia

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1913 10sh grey & pink.1913 £1 brown & blue.1913 £2 black & rose.
1908 20sh dull green Postage Due.1919 £2 black & rose.1920 ROSS SMITH VIGNETTE ON COVER.
£1 chocolate & dull blue.1915 £2 purple black & pale rose.1929 £2 black & rose.
1931 c of a wmk £2 rose & black.1942 2½d block right hand vertical pair imperforate.1930 Ross-Smith vigrette.
1913 2 shilling 'roo.1917/18 5sh & 10sh 'roos in blocks of 4.1919 £2 'roo.
1915 £2 'roo1919 Ross-Smith flight label.1913-14 1d red vertical pair, variety imperforate between.
1927 1½d Canberra vertical pair, variety imperforate between.1931-36 £2 black and rose 'roo interpanneau pair, Ash printing.1968 5c Christmas pair, 1 showing missing value variety.
1914 1d bright violet imperforate, plate proof.1902 20s dull green, postage due.1902-4 20s emerald green postage due.
1902-4 10s emerald green postage due.1902-4 2s emerald green postage due.
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