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Wars Don’t End Friendships!

Hunters sale 7246, lot number 6048 contains eleven Danish postcards & covers, two of the cards really caught our eye. They illustrate how friendships severed through war may remain undimmed despite the passage of time and monumental events.

The first card is sent from a man in Denmark to his friend in America.

5th December 1941

“Dear Ken

We send you, your wife and little George our best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a very good New Year. Also best wishes to all in your family, Your friend


Sadly, this postcard bears the cachet “Postudvekslingen indstillet / Retur Afsenderen” which translates as “Postal Service Discontinued / Return to Sender,” so Ken never received the warm Christmas greeting.

When war ended in Denmark on 5th May and a few days later across the rest of Europe another card is sent from Eigil who takes the first opportunity on 5th June 1945 to write:

“Dear Ken

Finally the day is coming when I can write to you again. Today, the fifth of June is the first day after the war in Europe it is permitted to send post to USA, only on postcards. I can tell you that all is well here and I hope the same for you and your family. Your son George ???? is now ??? by 4 years – perhaps there has been added more children to your staff since I have heard from you? The latest days have been very gloriously (sic) with the liberation of the Nazi tyranny, the visit of Montgomery and many other things. Hoping soon I can send you a letter and have the great pleasure to hear from you. I send you and yours all my best wishes.

Eigil, Ruth and Birle”

The little stationery postcard, which had been uprated with extra stamps and sent by airmail via New York with Danish & US censor markings must have brought great joy upon arrival and rekindled a friendship between the two men (we have other, later covers from the same correspondence.) It beautifully brings to life a little bit of World War II history!

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