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Falkland Islands – The South Georgia Provisional of 1928

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The Scandinavian Whaling fleet stationed at South Georgia posted their mail home, largely to Norway with the current Falkland Is 2½d stamps to pay the regular single foreign rate, but early in 1928 these stamps simply ran out.

A letter was sent to the Colonial Secretary in Stanley, seeking permission to overprint the 2d purple brown stamps that were still available, the official soon replied by Telegram, authorising the provisional stamps, but insisted that two complete sheets be kept intact, and that two mint and two used corner blocks of four be sent to the King for his collection!

A die was made at the whaling station, and each stamp was individually surcharged “2½D” in black ink across the sheets of sixty with a total of just 1179 stamps being so produced. A few are known with double overprints, and also with a partial double overprint.

The earliest known used example is 7th February, and this is assumed to be the first date of issue, other dates of use are 10th, 13th, 16th and 19th February.

The stamps were withdrawn on 22nd February, and the die was defaced, returned to Stanley and eventually donated to the Royal Philatelic Society in London. These have always been highly prized among collectors, and we are delighted to offer an example on a piece with full upright South Georgia cds of 16th February 1928.

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