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The Mandated Territory Of New Guinea

Looking for a new area to collect?

You could do worse than picking the Mandate Territory of New Guinea, with her beautiful stamps and straight- forward, well- defined issues.

The Northeastern portion of the island of NEW GUINEA was annexed by Germany in 1884, and was a German Colony up to the Australian Occupation at the start of World War I in 1914. The rather complex ranges of Australia stamps overprinted "N.W. Pacific Islands" were issued from 1915 to 1923.

A civilian administration was given its mandate in 1921 but it wasn’t until 1925 that the first stamps designed for the Mandated Territory were issued, inscribed “Territory of New Guinea”

Forming a collection of these stamps has the benefits of having a well-defined time period (stamps issued between 1925 and 1939) and having only three main classic stamp designs - Native Village, Raggiana Bird of Paradise and Aeroplane over Bulolo Goldfields. Yet within this relatively short timescale SEVEN DIFFERENT Postage and Air sets to £1 were issued, along with a range of "OS" overprinted Official stamps.

The Air issues also had a £2 and a £5 stamp in the impressive Bulolo Goldfields design, with all inland mails conveyed by air including heavy commodities (incl. gold itself) parcels requiring £10 to £15 of postage was not uncommon. The Raggiana Bird of Paradise stamps were first issued with "1921/1931" dates in the design commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Australian Mandate. A further issue was made in 1932 with the design modified by omitting the dates.

Civil administration was suspended early in 1942 following the Japanese invasion. After the war the territory utilised Australian stamps (without overprint) until the formation of the combined Territory of Papua and New Guinea.

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