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Guess The Lots Competition!

Today it is sunny in our part of the UK! People are emerging from their houses and marvelling at vivid colours, children are asking their parents what the strange orange blob in the sky is… and stamp describers are looking out of their office window contemplating that rare thing, a walk during their lunch break.

It’s affected me too. I had an article written in my mind about our next sale (Tuesday 24th April) and the wonderful stamps we have on offer. I’m particularly taken with a corner pair of Bermudan £1 stamps with the “ER” joined variety, those big “Key Type” stamps have been carefully studied and are of great interest to us stamp nerds.

But the good weather has gotten to me, I can’t bring myself to spend time indoors writing about stamps when the beer garden at our local hostelry waits, so I’m going to keep the article about those wonderful stamps in abeyance and instead invite you to identify 4 lots in our next sale.

The “Highlighted Lots” section available on our homepage show 59 lots over 3 screens, simply take a look at the small fragment images of the 4 lots below and identify from those 59 potential lots which ones they are and email us the lot numbers (

Correct entries will be put into a hat and drawn on Tuesday 24th at 4.30pm next week. The winner will receive a £100 credit to spend in our sales.

Which lots are these?


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  • GERMANY - 1922 - VARIETY. 12m+8m red & lilac

    GERMANY - 1922 - VARIETY. 12m+8m red & lilac "Fund for the Old & for the Children" (SG 248) with HOOK AT FOOT OF "2" Plate flaw (position 49), Michel 234 III, used with fully dated slightly smudged "Stettin 8.1. 23" cds cancel, very rare, cat 2,000 Euro = £1,750+. A seldom seen variety

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  • LEEWARD ISLANDS - 1943 5s green and red on yellow on ordinary paper, variety

    LEEWARD ISLANDS - 1943 5s green and red on yellow on ordinary paper, variety "Broken S", SG 112b var, unlisted SG , vf mint.

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