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The Empires Grandest Issue?

In pride of place on our catalogue’s front cover is a complete run of the Kenya and Uganda 1922-25 large high value stamps from £1 up to the magnificent £100 red and black.

These stamps are virtually impossible for any but the wealthiest collectors to obtain, just a couple of years ago an individual £100 (with selvage showing a plate number) sold for around £180,000!

For many years, British and Colonial authorities considered postage just another tax. The high values of many stamp series were used for revenue purposes rather than postage, and were often printed in very small quantities, for example the £100 value was chiefly used for liquor and game hunting licenses.

This set is overprinted “SPECIMEN” and is rarely encountered in this complete form, most collectors if they wish to own a “Specimen” set must obtain them stamp by stamp, a time- consuming and often fruitless project. Even if over time the opportunity arises to locate and purchase each value they are often in different qualities, and rarely as fresh and appealing as the set we are offering here.

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  • ITALIAN STATES - NAPLES 1860 ½t deep blue

    ITALIAN STATES - NAPLES 1860 ½t deep blue "Trinacria", Sass 15,  tied to 17th Nov 1860 header from "Il Paese" newspaper. Clear to large margins all round, crisp engraving and full colour. A marvellous example of this rarity. Cat Sass. €30,000 (£26,000)

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  • ANTIGUA & BARBUDA - 1932 Tercentenary complete set, SG 81/90, fine mint (10 stamps)

    ANTIGUA & BARBUDA - 1932 Tercentenary complete set, SG 81/90, fine mint (10 stamps)

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