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Lot number: 2794

  • Guide price (GBP): 650 - 750
  • Currency guide (USD): 819 - 945

K.U.T. - 1935-1963 ATTRACTIVE COLLECTION IN TWO VOLUMES mint (some never hinged mint) and used, generally fine and fresh condition. Note 1935-37 KGV pictorial definitives to 5s mint including some blocks and 5c Rope joined to sail, and to 5s used; 1935 Jubilee mint and used sets; KGVI definitive mint set plus many additional listed perfs including 30c black and blue (all three), 2s (all three) and 10s (all three), also the used set, again with some additional listed perfs; 1941-42 overprinted South Africa set in never hinged mint blocks of four; commemoratives including 1948 Silver Wedding set mint; QEII including 1954-59 definitive mint and used sets, 1960-62 definitive mint and used sets, etc.; plus Officials including 1959 & 1960 mint sets, Postage Dues, and three booklets. A lovely collection! (approx 370 stamps plus 3 booklets)

  • Auction date:22 January 2019 16:30
  • Time left to bid:1 day, 14 hours and 58 minutes
  • Auction number:6288
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