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Lot number: 7894

  • Guide price (GBP): 500 - 600
  • Currency guide (USD): 630 - 756

SOUTH AFRICA - 1910-2003 MINT & USED COLLECTION in three albums & on some stock cards, we see a slightly untidy collection full of better items and good runs of issues, presented largely in order, includes a range of mostly used Union period, though we note 1947-54 5s mint, also see some useful Officials incl. 1950-4 1s blackish brown centre very fine mint, plus some pairs on an album page, most KGVI period commemoratives & War Effort issues in mint pairs / units, continues with useful later run, main strength lies in RSA (post 1961) issues, where we see a wide range of definitives, note good NHM & used ranges of 1993-7 Wildlife, 1997-2000 redrawn Wildlife & 2000 Flora & Fauna defins with additional printings etc., collection also includes strong run of commemoratives & miniature sheets, with later commems in sheetlets of 10. So much to look through, mixed condition, though RSA is generally fine (many 1000s).

  • Auction date:18 December 2018 16:30
  • Time left to bid:1 day, 17 hours and 18 minutes
  • Auction number:5287
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